4 easy tactics to raise the quality of your content

Updated on: 14 August 2017

In this article, we cover 4 easy tactics to raise the quality of your content. This is a must read for all SEO consultants and content writers.

Maintain more focus on the target audience

The first thing when crafting content should not be targeted advertising, but making the content worth. Here, you need to give the target audience a reason to keep reading and get attached to the content. Therefore, even before you start crafting content, it is important to establish what the target audience wants. You must study the target audience carefully to ensure the content achieves the following;

  • Addresses issues being faced by the target audience
  • Creates trust in your brand as a site/ business/ or blog
  • Facilitates discovery of your brand
  • Addresses comparison queries
  • Calls clients to action by linking to their personal needs

To achieve all the five, you have to be extra creative, link with clients progressively, and adopt the right technology. For example, the New York Times has invented new apps that progressively evolved to enhance content quality without losing relevance. They carry all the content with a free app to give users a unique experience and drive engagement.

Always check the facts of your content

How can you win the trust of the target clients? By giving facts and linking them well, the target audience will take you as an unbiased source and refer others. Here, you should not shy away from citing sources and linking to them. Every assertion that you make should be backed with supportive data and expert findings. Think of a new weight loss technique that a website wants to promote. While numerous tactics have failed to generate results for decades, you will only win clients trust by demonstrating how the new method was derived, testing, and current results. Make sure to also link to scientific research findings.

Include insights and quotes from experts

While you might be marketing an item for a specific company, the word of an expert will help to make every assertion more convincing. People believe that experts have taken years doing research and what they say is the authority. When a divorce cases blog captures a quote from top family lawyers, readers get the sense they are getting the best from the blog. This will make the reader feel like the expert is in the piece and get persuade them to follow the call-to-action.

Include examples of your pieces

When people see an example of what you are talking about, they appreciate that it is not just another story but a fact. Examples help to create a sense of reality and ensuring the reader connect with results. In many cases, readers do not like being the first to test an item. Rather, they want to buy or use a service that has been tested and proven to work. Using examples in the form of images, videos, and references will help your pieces to stand out and keep drawing more traffic.