5 Tips To Write Great SEO Article

Updated on: 26 November 2013



The top most question that might run on your mind is whether to focus or not to focus on SEO while you write an article. If you need the answer in one word, then it is a big ‘No’. Well, to establish your presence in the online business, you need SEO. However, to establish yourself as a reliable businessperson in the minds of the viewers, you need to focus on the people. You need the people and you need SEO to bring them in. So, how do you balance it? Write articles with audience in mind, have it optimized for SEO and enjoy the best of both worlds. Here is how you write good SEO article.

1) A Killer Headline Stops Anyone On Tracks

People are fast, particularly when they are browsing for information. To attract their attention and invite them to visit your site, you need to write a headline that is unique, impressive and one that suggests that you have something useful to offer in the content, possibly a solution to the search by the user. Ensure that you have the keyword in the title and make the title as dynamic as possible. You can use numbers to make it more suggestive of what your article is going to talk about, like using ’5 Best Reasons Why You Should Not Have SEO In Mind’ or ’10 Amazing Benefits Of Using SEO’. By being unique and sounding useful, the title should stimulate the curiosity in the reader. You will find the traffic to your site increasing whenever you have a classic title.

2) A Great Presentation Prolongs The Visit

The importance of quality presentation is often insisted. While you write, it would do well to remember that the visitor is not short of choice. Hence, you need to let him know that you have something more to offer. Take into account the type of audience you will be addressing and write the article in a tone that best fits the need. Simple language with some humor will make the article more appealing. It would be great if you can provide some statistics related to your content. Do some research before you decide on the topic for the day. Hit the current hot topic and handle it the way that would make the readers believe that you are highly knowledgeable in your area of operation. If you can translate your passion for the subject into effective article, you are almost there. Here are some quick tips to make your article shine.

A Great Opener: Work thoroughly on the first few lines of your article. Though it ensures that you are going to talk about a solution, it should not indicate the type of solution in the opener. You need to gradually lead your audience through the subject matter and keep their interests fresh as they proceed.

Keyword Usage: Use keyword within the first two to three sentences of the article, one in the middle and one towards the end. Stuffing articles with keywords will make a pathetic presentation and neither will the search engines nor the audience get back.

Synonyms Of Keywords: While you try not to stuff too much keywords in an article, consider using synonyms of keywords at appropriate places. This works well to bring in more targeted traffic.

Length Of The Article: You need to maintain a minimum of 500 words in an article, as it will allow you space to give it the best treatment possible.

3) Building Links Strengthens Your SEO Efforts

When you write a fresh content, link it to one of your earlier contents. Even more better if you can have three to four internal links. Have at least one external link in the content. External links are considered amongst the best SEO practices, as search engines use external links as one of the factors to assess your site’s worth.

4) Images Build Your Image

Images have a great impact in elevating your content’s quality. Search engines love images as well and there is hence no reason why you should not love using them in your content. Have an image inserted in every article you post. Choose the image with care; it should be relevant to your content while being unique. It would be great if you can create your own image. If not, make sure you choose images from Internet that do not involve copyright issues.

5) Proofread Before You Publish

This is the last step that ensures you leave a lasting image on the reader. Read and reread your article and ensure that it is error free both grammatically and conceptually. You need to consider if the article is interesting throughout and if you have sufficient and authentic information presented. Make corrections where appropriate and publish it once you are sure that you have created quality.

Your article represents your business and hence you need to make sure that your readers love the content. Articles are the tools that encourage repeat visits from viewers. If your article sounds unique, interesting and informative, you are going to have more traffic and more leads. This is also the key to successful internet marketing. Writing good SEO article is not difficult after all. Keep your viewers in mind and SEO in your brain. The end result will be a stunning article that meets all standards.