5 types of online marketing services every entrepreneur should use

Updated on: 5 May 2015


Today’s entrepreneurs strategize well and improvise on all available technological entities to make their respective businesses out-stand in the eyes of the everyday consumer; an approach that is absolutely necessary under the current circumstances. Businessmen globally now face a more tougher and unpredictable market than they have ever experienced before; however, successful entrepreneurs seem to cope up with this problem well with the aid of technological innovations. There are a lot of software and services available on the internet which can make the lives of every online business owners get their marketing done easier. The following list contains the names of 5 such services:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a marketing strategy that helps to place your website at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing so that internet users can find your website in organic search results when they are searching for the products/services you are providing. The best part of SEO is that it provide a strong flow of free and targeted leads in which is a must for all business.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Internet marketing is an integral part of every successful business nowadays, people spend so much time online nowadays that internet marketing has become a more efficient and useful method than conventional marketing techniques such as Television, Newspaper, Radio advertisements etc. to gain consumers for your business. Pay per click (PPC, commonly known as Search Engine Marketing) is one of the best methods available online to “get the word out there”. Although it’s not free, it follows a Pay-Per-Click method which means that you will only have to pay as much as your link/advertisement has been clicked and your advertisements will be put on a lot of websites on the internet; Pay Per Click Marketing has proved to be a hit amongst entrepreneurs since its inceptions and with the rise of internet users (which, by the way, is always rising, never falling), its usefulness increases.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Nowadays, almost everyone has one or multiple profiles on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. Approximately 2 billion people use different social media platforms nowadays and if you are an entrepreneur, you must know these data provide infinite marketing opportunities! The best thing about Social Media Marketing (SMM) is that, if you do it properly, you can reach a lot of people and additionally. SMM allows you to determine your preferred audience base rooted upon aspects such as gender, age, location, preferences, etc. And a lot of online businesses have used this technique extensively to draw many folds more customers.

Email Marketing

A good entrepreneur keeps in touch with his/her customers and provides them regular updates about all their new products or services along with other news, reviews, etc. And Bulk emailing your customers is probably the best way to do just that; there are a lot of online services present nowadays which provide these kinds of services such as Mailchimp, Campaigner, Salesforce, etc. Just avail yourself with one, make a list of emails of all your customers, and get started with all your promotions and updates via email marketing.

Google Analytics

The most successful online business owners tend to create evolutions and make changes in their products and services to suit their audience base. Getting to know the type of people who visit your website, the words that they use in search engines before finding your website, their age, their gender, and their locations; these information avail an entrepreneur with a great control over their business because it enables you to strategies and set business tactics suited to that specific type(s) of audience base.