A comprehensive guide in building a blog that everyone loves

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A comprehensive guide in building a blog that everyone loves


To maintain a great blog, you require more than simply penning down a number of posts. You must have a good online marketing strategy and workable plan for your content. If yours is a personal blog, planning is much easier. However, for marketers who have to respond to divergent audience work with other influencers, and keep leveraging their brands to the next level, this can be an overwhelming task. The following are five key points to help you with your blog planning.

Establish a workable editorial calendar

Every plan should commence with a calendar. This helps to plot all the posts you and your staff will be writing. Though this could be a simple spreadsheet, you could utilise top of range plugins like “Mister Task” that comes with reminders and other tools. This makes it possible to allocate ample time to every post in order to make it complete and authoritative.

Reach out to all the blog writers in your group

Because you want the blog to be comprehensive, nonbiased, and to help driving sales, ensure to engage all blog writers. Here, you can agree on what will be written on which week and set out reminders. You can even go deeper and discuss ideas on anticipated posts for completeness. Then, follow the authors to ensure that the posts are completed several days before the deadline for proofreading, facts confirmation, and making possible corrections. Remember that a good post should always have illustrations and data where possible.

Utilise current events and news

People who follow your page are interested in getting updated information so that they can feel more engaged. You should, therefore, factor the latest news and events when working on the calendar. For example, if you are writing about user engagement on social media and Facebook plans to announce a new feature, ignoring such developments can make a post redundant. You might consider doing separate posts about these new posts to keep your followers engaged and deliver value to them for higher conversion rates.

Blog as regularly as possible

Content marketing requires consistency. In blogging, you do not want followers to come and find that your pages are empty or with very old stories. If you are a company blogger, consider working on a daily post so that your fans and followers can keep coming back and referring others. However, personal bloggers can stick to longer schedules depending on the goal of their blogs. The objective at this point is getting a regular schedule and sticking to it.

Embrace diversity in your blog

Even if your niche is very small, it is important to keep things spruced up for the followers. They want to get a combination of products that demonstrate your focus and authority in the niche. For example, apart from posts, consider using videos, infographics, and podcasts among other products. Even when a client is through with reading a post, he/she will want to hear what the experts you interviewed in the podcast have to say.