Best tools to make your Facebook marketing campaign success

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Best tools to make your Facebook marketing campaign success

Facebook is at the heart of social media marketing because of its enormous users and revolutionary methods of assisting marketers to strengthen their brands. By taking your marketing campaigns to Facebook, it has access to over 20 billion views every month and enthralling support to help your marketing succeed. To make your work on Facebook even easier, it is advisable to utilize the following powerful tools.


AgoraPulse is a unique app to assist you to publish and monitor your posts and all Facebook marketing campaigns. Using the app, the marketer publishes content, shares links and engages with clients in real time. Using the app, it is easy to track everything related to your posts (follows, likes, and shares) to evaluate its effectiveness in marketing. Though the app costs $29/month which is considered to be relatively high especially for starters, the impact you can make with it is incredible.


In social media marketing, your followers want to get engaging, interactive, and quality content related to the brand being promoted. Postplanner brings together the best posts, status ideas, images, and articles in one dashboard. Then, you can review these posts and schedule Postplanner to release them at the right time to keep your followers positively engaged. The app will follow and analyze the data to give you all statistics related to your brand. This is a great method of gathering the best content and sharing to win more followers on social media.


This is a very powerful tool designed to help generate instant metrics as well recommendations for improvements. It tracks all activities, followers, and marketing campaigns on Facebook to give comprehensive performance report. One good thing about the tool is that you do not have to add personal information to get the results you anticipate. Simply add URL to get all the reports and recommendations produced within seconds. Also, you can also use the tool to look at how competitors are doing to compare with your strategies.


If dealing with ad management campaigns, one of the best options is Qwaya. The tool allows you to develop unique ad campaigns and generates real-time analytics. You can customize the tool to setup ad campaigns depending on the targeted user segment. To get more from the tool, it has features that allow integration with Google Analytics, tracking, and automation. Though it is relatively costly, you do not have limitations on the number of campaigns you can run at any moment. To get more from the tool, make sure to run concurrently as many ad campaigns as possible.


While PersonalApp was initially not intended for online marketing, it has become one of the best platforms for reaching specific market segments. Using the tool, you can make different personas and optimize conversions. The tool allows the user to divide the target audience based on age, demographics, gender, and interests among other interests. With this app, your Facebook marketing efforts and campaigns will start generating more traffic and conversions within a very short time.