Meeting various experts and experienced Googlers

Google Search Central Live Singapore 2022 With Event Photos

Updated on: 1 December 2022

In 2019, Google launched their inaugural Google Webmaster Conference to provide site owners, especially those living in more hard-to-reach regions, SEO-related assistance and fundamentals on Google Search.

Three years later, they are back in business to deliver what they promised. Rebranded as Search Central Live, they organised their first Google Search conference after two years of pandemic late last week. Impossible Marketing had the privilege, once again, to spend the entire day with fellow digital marketing agencies, SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and web developers discuss and learn more about the future of Google Search and how we can hop on this bandwagon.

Hosted at their Singapore headquarter, the event allowed attendees to also interact with various influential regional online practitioners and learn from the Google Search team and industry experts on methods to enhance websites’ performances. We also got to learn about and understand various Google Search updates, share beneficial SEO practices, discuss about SEO services, as well as discover new site optimisation practices.

Search Central Live held at Google’s Developer Space
Search Central Live held at Google’s Developer Space
Developer Space Diagram
It clearly is an amalgamation of attendees from various nations, backgrounds, and expertise
Impossible Marketing signing in at Google Singapore headquarter
Impossible Marketing signing in at Google Singapore headquarter!

Google Search Central Live 2022 Goodie Bag

As expected, this year’s event was a rounding success as many practitioners in the industry attended the event. Being an SEO professional for many years and managing various clients from varying industries, it was certainly a well-spent day learning from others.

Attendees At Google Search Central Live 2022 Event

Expert Duy Nguyen Explaining

Expert Aaseesh Marina Explaining

Architecture Design At Google Search Live 2022 Event

Search Central Live held at Google’s Developer Space
Meeting various experts and experienced Googlers (From left to right): Cassie Chan, Duy Nguyen, Cherry Prommawin, Aaseesh Marina, and Gary Illyes

IM With Gary Illyes

While all good things have to come to an end, we definitely have gleaned from various experts and sharing. Carrying forward the gratitude that we have for the opportunity to attend such an insightful event, we can only look forward to what it entails in our SEO journey.

Google Search is definitely heading towards a future that prioritises its users and how they can benefit from online information and data. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and reach your targeted audience optimally, then staying on top of Google Search updates and keeping up-to-date with some of the ongoing digital marketing and SEO trends is key!

Stay tuned on our page, as we will share more in-depth insight on what we learn at Search Central Live Singapore 2022!