Guide To Optimise Google Business Profile For Your SEO Needs

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Guide To Optimise Google Business Profile For Your SEO Needs

Guide To Optimise Google Business Profile For Your SEO Needs

Guide To Optimise Google Business Profile For Your SEO Needs

Google Business Profile has come a long way. Formerly known as Google My Business, the online marketing tool is now a must-use tool if you are a business owner looking to expand your customer reach via Google Maps and Google Search.

If you consider the constant search engine algorithm updates that Google releases, such as its 2023 September Helpful Content Update, maintaining and optimising Google Business Profile will help you to control your business information, develop trustworthiness (which is a key E-E-A-T signal), and boost SERP visibility.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free online marketing tool that allows businesses to control how they appear on Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Search. Using Google Business Profile, businesses are given a dedicated space on the SERP where they are able to list their services or products, post business updates, connect with their customers, and more.

As a result, Google Business Profile is a must-use tool if you are looking to boost your local SEO efforts. It is completely free to create, and you can stand to gain a lot from optimising it accordingly.

What are the advantages of using Google Business Profile?

No matter the size of your business, you need adequate exposure in the digital landscape in order to attract users and convert them into returning customers. Using Google Business Profile tops it all in terms of brand visibility.

Using Google Business Profile offers three critical advantages:

1. Boosted visibility on Google

When you make a Google search query, you might notice that certain businesses will be accompanied by a map with their specific location. This is known as a local pack, which appears for location-specific queries, such as shops near me.

Businesses with a well-optimised Google Business Profile are more likely to pop up in such results.

2. Develop a trustworthy and credible reputation

Credibility and trustworthiness is a key E-E-A-T element. Both Google algorithms and users look out for E-E-A-T signals when crawling through your business page. Using Google Business Profile offers your customers the opportunity to leave behind their reviews in the form of a star rating.

You can also increase the credibility of your business by interacting with your customers and replying to their reviews and feedback, whether positive or negative.

3. Transparency between your business and customers

Transparency between business and customer is quintessential. With Google Business Profile, you are able to display your business’s services or products, contact information, and opening hours. Additionally, any new updates, such as promotions or temporary changes, especially during the holiday season, can also be available to your customers.

What are some key features of Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is ideal for optimising your business page’s local SEO. Local SEO is the process of increasing a brand’s visibility within a particular geographic area, and it is particularly relevant for any business that serves in a brick-and-mortar space.

It comes with several features that offer great advantages to your local SEO, increasing your SERP ranking. Here are some of the more commonly used features on Google Business Profile.

1. Customer reviews

Once your Google Business Profile page has been created, you will have access to a review section where your customers can leave behind their feedback and star ratings. Together with their review, they can also attach videos and images to support their feedback.

It is vital that you encourage your customers to review your business and share their experiences, as well as respond to their feedback!

2. Receive enquiries

Your customers are able to reach you via the message feature, allowing you to receive and reply to enquiries. If your business is focusing on generating leads, this feature allows you to follow up with them.

However, when doing so, businesses should observe strict guidelines, including reflecting your business accurately, not sending unsolicited messages, responding to their enquiries promptly, and avoiding providing confidential and sensitive information.

3. Business description

Your Google Business Profile description is similar to your website’s About Us page. This section enables you to let your customers know more about your business. However, you, too, need to observe good SEO habits when crafting your Google Business Profile description.

Similar to your website’s meta description, there is also a minimum and maximum character count of 250 and 750 characters, respectively. It is also best to include relevant keywords in order to maximise your customer reach. Additionally, the description should be as similar to what is displayed on your website so that it is easier for Google to recognise your business and promote it to its users.

Other features include Q&A, adding updates, and Google Profile insights.

How do you set up your Google Business Profile from nothing?

Step #1: Google to Google Maps and add your business

Go to Google Maps and open the menu using the top left corner button. Look for the “Add your business” option near the bottom of the menu.

Step #2: Create your business account

If you do not have an existing account, then click on the “Create account” button and select “to manage my business”. Then, fill out every relevant information, verifying your business with your mobile number.

Step #3: Fill out the relevant details of your business

The first step is inputting the name of your business and the relevant business category. You need to key in the name of your business accurately.

Step #4: Add your business location

If your business operates from a brick-and-mortar location, then you are required to include your business location so that your customers can find you.

Step #5: Choose your service area

This step is optional and will appear differently depending on what you selected in the previous step. Your service area includes the areas where your business will deliver.

Step #6: Add your business contact information

By adding your business website and contact information, your customers are able to discover and reach you.

Step #7: Opt for Google updates and recommendations

In this step, Google will prompt you if you want recommendations and updates for your Google Business Profile page. By agreeing to it, you will receive notifications regarding their updates and any future recommendations that will help optimise your business online.

Step #8: Verify your page

Your Google Business Profile will not appear on SERP until it is verified. You can verify your profile by receiving an automated text or call with your verification code, by email, by postcard at your registered address, by video recording showing proof of your business location, equipment, and yourself, or by a live video call with a Google support representative.

How do you claim an unverified, existing listing?

Google sometimes will auto-generate business information. So, if you discover your business on Google Maps and it is not done by you, chances are, it is an unverified, unmanaged business listing. All you need to do is to claim it and add it to your dashboard.

1. Go to Google Maps and look for your business name.

2. If your business’s location is available, click on the listing and select “own this business” or “claim this business”. If either option is not available, the listing has already been verified by someone else, and you need to contact that person for access, or you are already the profile manager, and you just need to log into your Google Business Profile dashboard.

3. Once you have claimed the business listing, you will be brought to the next page, where you will see a “manage now” option. Ensure that the business information is accurate and select the option.


Creating a Google Business Profile will take your business far. In doing so, ensure that every vital piece of information is inputted correctly and accurately while optimising them so that your customers are able to understand your services or products as much as possible.

If all things fail and creating and maintaining one is too much of a hassle, then do not hesitate to engage any digital marketing agency in Singapore, such as Impossible Marketing. Creating one is not the end of your local SEO journey. Ensuring that you regularly respond to reviews, post updates, as well as keep your business profile up to date is the way to improve your local search presence and get more leads.

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