Hairun’s website is now on page 1 number 5 after 1 month

Updated on: 13 March 2015

Hairun is constantly exploring on Internet marketing as most of his leads comes from Google search. He tried Pay Per Click but it is too expensive. He learn SEO on his own from some online forum but he is unable to outrank his competitors in Google search. By chance, he came to our preview and decided to learn from us.

1 month after apply our SEO strategy, this is what he said:

“Now I’m at my 1st preview and there is a lot of improvement. From page 1 number 9 to number 5. Some of them (keywords) from page 2 to page 1. I already recover back the course fee! It’s really worth it!!”
– Hairun, business owner

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Let’s recall Hairun 1st testimonial after attended our SEO training:

“Before I come to this course, I have some basic knowledge about SEO. After attended this course, it really show me the bigger picture – how to structure and strategise your SEO. I would recommend this course.”
– Hairun 1st testimonial to Impossible Marketing

YouTube video