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Impossible Marketing launch



Dear students and clients of Impossible Marketing, we are proud to share that we have launch specially for you!

About is a platform where students and clients of Impossible Marketing receive ongoing after sales support. main feature – “Ask a Question”

“Ask a Question” is a feature only available for our students and clients to ask questions and get answers from our community. Public is able to read the questions and answers posted in our general categories but not our private categories.

Google Update and SEO Resources

Many of our students and clients are often flooded with their daily job and responsibilities, leaving them no time to keep abreast of the latest Google update and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes. Keeping that in mind, the Impossible team (led by Alan Koh) constantly provide summary of important Google update to them. We will also be sharing some SEO resources that are tested and proven by us.


We are delighted to share that recently one of our students managed to rent out his property with the help of another student who is a property agent. This really inspire us! We hope to create a community which our students can network and refer businesses to each other.

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