Jason’s e-commerce website is now ranked page 1 number 3 of Google search

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Jason’s e-commerce website is now ranked page 1 number 3 of Google search

Photo of Jason during the recording of our video testimonial

Jason, a marketing manager, runs a mobile e-commerce online store. He strongly believe in online marketing and has been spending about $3000 every month online to get leads. This marketing budget has reduced his profit every month.

He was recommended by a friend to join our SEO training as SEO could potentially help his business grow by having free, sustainable and targeted leads. He joined our course and applied what was taught in class. In less than 3 months time, his website is now found on page 1 number 3 of Google search.

Let’s take a look at his video testimonial below:

“I’m managing an e-commerce website. Alan’s course has springboard my business and traffic to the top of Google ranking. Previously, I have to pay $2000 plus to $3000 on Adwords and Facebook marketing. After 3 months, I manage to push my ranking to page 1 ranking number 3 for a few of my targeted keywords. This is really morale boosting.

I am very grateful to Alan for teaching me all his SEO techniques and help me save a lot of money every month. Not only that, my business sales has increased a lot.
– Jason, e-commerce marketing manager

YouTube video

Let’s recap Jason 1st testimonial after attending our SEO course.

“I find Alan’s course very informative and I’ve learnt a lot of mistakes from my current website. I will make full use of what he taught me to improve my website, to get it ranked on the first page. The mistakes I learnt from Alan were very helpful to my idea of what SEO means because I didn’t know much about SEO before the course. Now, I can really do a much better website.”
– Jason testimonial after the 2 days training

YouTube video

Good job Jason, please bring your website to page 1 number 1!