Landing Pages – What They Are, Why You Need Them, and How They Help SEO

Updated on: 17 December 2013



You might have already heard about ‘landing pages’ for Internet Marketing if you have some know-how about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, if you’re still not sure what they really are and for what purposes landing pages are used and how they can help to make your SEO strategy effective then keep on reading till the end to know all about landing pages.

What are Landing Pages?

In simple words a landing page is the point of entry for any website or any other page of the website. You can take it as an entrance of any home and then move to different areas of the home. So, a landing page is actually the entrance page of any site. However, it’s not necessary that they are always used as entrance point or as the homepage of the site. When you are promoting a certain product or offer on its dedicated page and use social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and/or other media to promote it – upon clicking the link redirects you to the product info page which can also be categorized as a landing page. It is also known as ‘lander’ or a ‘lead capture page’.

Why You Need Landing Pages?

You can also deduce it from the above entry as why you need landing pages but don’t fret as this entry would go in a bit of a detail to explain their importance. Since landing page is the first one to appear and come in contact with those people who click on any advertisements, promotions and so on – it’s quite important that they are good enough to keep the prospective customers engaged.

Therefore, it’s established that a landing page can play a vital role to convert the visitors into leads that might result into sales. So, whether you’re giving a free demo of a software, an eBook or anything else in exchange of contact details – it’s better to utilize this one page properly, like rather than directing the visitors to any other page for their contact details – place a contact form on the landing page as well as the product/offer’s complete info.

How to Craft a Landing Page for SEO?

Whether you’re relying on SEM ads or organic SEO for traffic and/or leads, you have to make sure that the landing page is properly optimized in terms of SEO to get better visibility and as a result more visitors. So, what can you do to optimize it? Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure to conduct a keyword research for your landing page as they will be used for different purposes all over the landing page.
  • For instance your targeting keyword, “free SEO reports” then include it in the web page’s URL (slug).
  • Meta tags, Meta descriptions, title and ALT tags should also contain the targeted keywords.
  • Use the keywords in heading tags (if possible) as well as in bold and/or italics.

Lastly, when you place the link backs to your page the anchor text, “free SEO reports”should be used for this purpose.

Hope this post helped you to know about landing pages in detail and how you can use them to your SEO advantage.