Leon’s website is now on page 1 of Google search results

Updated on: 12 March 2015

Leon, a tuition teacher, who used to rely a lot on offline marketing. He is keen to explore online marketing and by chance, he attended our free SEO preview. He signed up for our SEO training course and revamp his website 2 months ago.  

Now, Leon’s website is found on the 1st page of Google and he is getting free leads from Google regularly.

Take a look at his self-made testimonial for our trainer, Alan Koh:

YouTube video

Well done Leon!! Please continue to work on your website till you get the page 1 number 1 position. We are very proud of you and very touched on your initiative of sending us your self-made testimonial. =)

Click here to view the past 2 testimonials from Leon – https://www.impossible.sg/leons-website-nowhere-to-be-found-to-page-2-of-google-in-just-1-month-time/