Leon’s website – no where to be found to page 2 of Google in just 1 month time!

Updated on: 7 January 2015

Leon, a tuition business owner, attended our SEO course 1 month ago.
Initially, his website was no where to be found. 1 month later, his website is on page 2 of Google.

Let’s see his video testimonial below:

“2 weeks after his (Alan) course, I did a total website revamp and apply everything that Alan said. In about a week….. I finally saw my website ranked, from nowhere to be seen to page 6. And now, Im on page 2. This is just after slightly more than a month, I can’t wait to see what happen after this. Thank you!”
– Leon, tuition business owner

YouTube video

Lets recap of Leon 1st testimonial after attending our SEO training.

“In the past, we rely a lot of offline marketing and we realise that the response and calls are going down. We decided to go online and we have a website but our website was no where to be found. I came to this course and realise that my website has a lot that is not in place. I can’t wait to put what was taught in class to my website.”
– Leon 1st testimonial to Impossible Marketing

YouTube video