Google Display Network

What is Google Display Network (GDN)?

Google display network includes YouTube, Gmail and many more. With thousands of internet users visiting these websites daily, Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to place your advertisement in these websites for maximum exposure of your business.

Adidas advertisement showing when youtube user search for "sports"

Adidas advertisement appearing at the right side when youtube users searching for “sports” related videos

Why is Google Display Network (GDN) important?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is an extremely great tool for branding as it allows you to create image and video advertisements. Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to create advertisements that flash your company logo.

How can Google Display Network (GDN) help in my business?

Many websites within the Google Display Network (GDN) would already have their regular visitors visiting them every day. Your advertisements will appear on web pages that have content related to the content of your advertisement. This has been proven to give a higher conversion rate as only relevant advertisements are displayed to website visitors.

What are the advantages of Google Display Network (GDN)?

Below are some advantages of Google Display Network (GDN):

Fast results
You can get your website to the top of Google search results within 1 day. As long as your website advertisement complies with the Google Search terms and conditions, your website can be up on the same day. This means connecting to your potential customers immediately.

Great for branding
As highlighted earlier, the Google Display Network (GDN) is extremely good for branding. Instead of seeing a standard text advertisement, your potential customers get to see your image or video advertisement with your company logo! Research has shown that customers are more likely to respond to image and video advertisements compared to a standard text advertisement.

Free exposure
Similar to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Display Network (GDN) only charges you if a website visitor clicks on your advertisement and gets directed to your website. If the visitor sees your advertisement but does not click on it, you pay nothing.

Cost effective
Similar to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to set a maximum cost per click so that you can better manage your marketing budget. It also allows you to set a daily budget for your advertising cost so you do not exceed your marketing budget. Once you reach the maximum marketing budget for that day, your advertisement will stop and resume on the next day. You only pay if the Internet user clicks on the advertisement. The advertising cost depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the industry you are in.

Expose your advertisement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Google Display Network (GDN) allows your advertisement to be shown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Targeted audience
Your advertisement is shown only if the page on the website has relevant contents or keywords to your advertisement.

Points to take note on Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network (GDN) allows your advertisement to be shown on the relevant content website only if it is within your marketing budget.

Example: If you have a $1000 marketing budget per month, this equates to $33.33 per day. If your targeted keyword cost $1 per click, your budget can only last for 33 clicks. After 33 potential customers have clicked on your advertisement, your advertisement will not be shown anymore until the next day.

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