Review of Impossible Marketing SEO training course by Liong Hai

Updated on: 21 July 2017

Leong Hai owns an investment blog where he gives valuable advice to his readers. He wanted more traffic to his website. He identified SEO as the key marketing strategy as it offers a long-term sustainable traffic. He Google for “SEO training Singapore” and found Impossible Marketing website. After attending our preview course, he decided to join our hands-on training program.

2 months after applying our SEO strategy, his website is now ranked on the 1st page for many keywords.

Let’s take a look at his testimonial

“I took the course from Impossible Marketing a couple of months ago. I am very pleased to share that for most of my keywords, I am already ranking on page 1. Initially, for the long-tail keywords, I am also beginning to rank on page 1 for the short-tail keywords. It is really a very good course and I strongly recommend for those who want to do good SEO to come for the course.”
– Liong Hai, investment advisor

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Let’s recap the 1st testimonial by him after completing the training program.

“I learned a lot of things from him. In fact, I have been doing a lot of online marketing and Internet marketing. A lot of the things that we learned, Alan actually uses it on his own website where he ranked on Google. So, it has been a very good experience and I highly recommend the course of many others who want to rank well on Google.”
– Liong Hai 1st testimonial after attending our training program.

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Well done Liong Hai. We are glad that you are ranked for both long-tail and short-tail keywords. Keep up your good work and push your ranking to the #1 position.