Search Queries to improve your SEO ranking

Updated on: 27 June 2013


This video provides information about how a website owner can take full advantage of the search query featured in the Webmaster tool of Google to display a more improved website. It helps to improve your internet marketing website.

The video highlights the following:

1.  Steps to Undertake in the Search Engine Pipeline

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Search Results

The 3rd step in the search engine pipeline which is identified as search results is where search queries in the webmaster tool of Google is connected.

2. Search Queries Feature and its Ability to Present Impression Data

The search queries feature is capable of presenting impression data to webmasters which could give you an idea about those who have take the time to search about your site but did not decide to click on your links. This is also useful in getting a higher ranking which is a major help in ultimately converting your visitors into actual customers who actually decide to purchase something from your site.

3. Features of Search Queries

It should be noted that the search queries of the Webmaster tool from Google comes with a few features that make it easier for its users to enjoy remarkable benefits. It is loaded with the top queries tab, the top pages tab, filter which you can use to set a certain date range that can go back several months ago, download vital information feature and the change rate.

4. Definitions of Query and Impression

Query means the term or terms used by online users when performing their searches. Impression, on the other hand, takes place when your website is already shown in the results after online users have performed their search.

5. What is Qualified Traffic / Query?

Having qualified traffic means the traffic that you receive for your site is actually made by people whose potential of liking the contents found in your pages is high. It is best to focus on this type of traffic instead of driving all types of traffic into your website since qualified ones are more interested in making the actual purchase.

6. Efficient Ways to Take Full Advantage of the Search Query to Boost the Performance of your Site

  • Use Search Query feature to fully understand your business and your target audience. Among the information that you should gather to aid you in this are the goals of your business and website, your target groups, their location, the specific devices that you plan to use and whether the query terms of your target audience match your web contents.
  • Use an incognito window when investigating about your target audience. This window refers to a browser without any stored cookies or logins.
  • Sort using clicks. This can help display queries capable of bringing in the most targeted and useful traffic to your site.
  • Study top queries. You can acquire great results from this top query investigation or study by determining if the queries are what you have actually expected, if the clicks appear to produce the most qualified traffic and if you can more efficiently optimize the search results display of your page through that query.