Guide to choose the Best SEO Company in Singapore – 6 steps

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Guide to choose the Best SEO Company in Singapore – 6 steps

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of using different methods to optimise your website for it to rank organically on search engines like Google. An SEO company in Singapore will then aim to use white-hat SEO techniques including On-page and Off-page SEO to rank your website.

With the increasing emphasis on digital marketing, the number of companies providing SEO services has risen. To make things easier for those looking to engage a company for SEO services, here is a guide to picking the best SEO companies in Singapore.

Look at the SEO company’s portfolio

An experienced SEO company with many previous clients in their portfolio will much likely be a better choice than one with an empty portfolio. After all, more experience will usually translate to better results as the team working on your project will have more knowledge regarding the best way to optimise your website.

A portfolio or a list of past clients will make it a lot easier for you to judge the company based on the type of clientele they had. A company that mostly dealt with only small companies might face problems if they had to help a larger company all of a sudden. That will be due to a possible lack of expertise in handling a larger project. However, an SEO company’s portfolio cannot be the only thing you base your judgment on.

Search for positive testimonials

Needless to say, any testimonials left by the previous clients of the SEO company should be positive. It is important to find any testimonials, as those will usually include the customer’s experience with the company. A negative experience may then serve as a warning to you that the SEO company is not the ideal choice for your business.

Certain issues that previous clients have with the SEO company may be mentioned in the testimonials, making it easier for you to see if the company will be a good fit with your company. If there were any glaring issues that you feel will be repeated with your business, it would be wise for you to choose another SEO company.

Check for their own SEO ranking

What is a better way to prove that a company can effectively perform SEO than to have the results on their own website?

You can affirm the credibility of the SEO company by checking the rankings of the company’s website. Simply input words such as “SEO Singapore” or “SEO Company Singapore” onto the Google search engine to see where they stand on their own search results.

Of course, the better SEO companies will have their websites on top. After all, practice what you preach, right?

Examine their plans for helping you

The best SEO company should offer you a concrete plan for optimising your website and not just a general idea of what they might do. The plan should have data and figures included, as this will help you and the company to decide on different benchmarks to reach by a certain date.

It is essential to check if the SEO company’s end targets for optimising your website is aligned with yours. There is no point in engaging their services if they are unable to fulfill your specific request or provide a reasonable alternative.

What are the qualifications of the SEO company?

Enquire about the team or person that will be handling the project as their qualifications may reflect their ability. However, it is important to note that this is not a sure thing for all companies, as many other factors will come into play.

While the qualification of an individual may be important, the overall skill of the company will be a much more decisive factor in helping you to make a decision. Ultimately, you are looking for the best SEO company in Singapore to handle your website and not a person. A successful SEO company that is capable of training a strong team may not necessarily have the paper qualifications that will reflect their ability.

Ask if they have prior experience in your business industry

While it is not entirely essential, it may be beneficial if the SEO company had clients from your business industry before. That is due to how the method for optimising your website will be different depending on the specific website and industry. An e-commerce website will likely need a different method of optimisation as compared to a medical one. Previous experience in your business industry will then enable them to generate more targeted and possibly more effective optimisation strategies.

Despite the multitude of SEO companies available in Singapore, selecting the best one will require a little more effort than just choosing any random one. However, your effort will pay off as you achieve better results

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