Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends


With social media and smartphones now firmly a part of life, the average consumer is bombarded with information from various sources. It can become a major challenge standing out in the midst of all the digital noise that is thrown the way of consumers. On the other hand, the abundance of information means the consumer […]

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How has SEO changed over the years?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of building websites that will rank top in search engine results. It is often accomplished by 2 main factors: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Web masters need to follow Google’s guideline on both of these factors in order to achieve top ranking. However, there are a few changes […]

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5 ways to get more backlinks to your website

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog or website, or if you’ve recently done that, you’ve probably heard about backlinks. Backlinks is one of the most popular terms used in the realms of SEO yet it is a complicated concept that many bloggers and developers don’t use to their online marketing advantage. Essentially a backlink […]

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With 250 million domains and counting, what is Google doing to provide support to webmasters?

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Webmasters from all over the world have been wondering if there will come a time when they will be able to receive “real support” for the questions and other concerns they post or submit to Google. Some users even complain about all the answers that they get are those from auto-generated or automated responses pre-conceived […]

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Different types of SEO techniques


SEO itself is a set of different techniques that help us to achieve good rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, these techniques are further divided into two types, which are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. As the names suggest, on-page SEO techniques deal with all the factors on your website that can […]

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How can I get examples of bad links to my website?

Web masters often faces challenges in their online marketing strategy. One of the major issues that web masters encounter when maintaining websites is being penalised for having bad links on their websites. Since bad links are quite difficult to identify, they are concerned that Google will be taking action on the sites without them even […]

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Should I be worried if a couple of sites that I don’t want to be associated with are linking to me?

Website owners may find unknown websites linking to them. This may also affects their overall SEO rankings. Video Question The recent Internet Marketing video from Matt Cutts, Google’s Web spam search head, provided a no nonsense response to this question: “Recently I found two porn websites linking to my site. I disavow those links and […]

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Should I add rel=”nofollow” to links that are included in my Widget?

When web masters build websites, they might include widgets that someone else has developed. These widgets may have embedded codes that include an outbound link back to the developer’s website. How much does this outbound link hurt SEO? Video Question “What should we do with embedded codes in widgets and infographics? Should we include the […]

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Are all comments with links consider spam?

Websites can be interactive. In order to encourage 2 ways communication, web masters often have the comments function allowing visitors to interact or comment on their posts. However, there are cases when comments in their site are integrated with links. These links are oftentimes loaded with irrelevant information or may lead to other questionable links […]

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Does Google’s crawler care about valid HTML?

Webmasters and site owners know the importance of good and valid HTML in search engine optimization. Google bots crawl your site and web pages for links and indexes and screen the website for quality content. However, many webmasters are confused if HTML is one of the basic SEO elements that must be specifically used for […]

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