“I managed to get my website ranked to page 1 number 2 within a month!” – Yew Chai


Yew Chai, an online marketer for a property management company was given a task – get more visibility online. He notices that his company website is not getting any leads online as it was not found in Google, Yahoo or Bing. He did a lot of research online and found Impossible Marketing and decided to join […]

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Best tools for your link building campaigns


Link building is a crucial component of online marketing because it helps to drive traffic and conversions. Link building is the process of involving other websites to convince them to link to your website. The marketing effort works to your advantage by developing combined strengths that make search engines crawl more on your page in […]

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How to pick the best e-commerce platforms for your store?


To reach more buyers, sell more, and stand out as a stronger brand in your industry, many people prefer to use e-commerce platforms. While thoughts of an online store always provoke thoughts of big operators such as Amazon and eBay which are very complex in operation and design, everything has been simplified so much. With […]

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Why online marketing is no longer an option but a necessity!


In the years gone by, businesses were only interested in traditional marketing, which included ads on print as well as electronic media. Back then, it was easier for businesses to focus all their marketing efforts on the traditional platforms and consider online marketing one of the options. In the recent years, a business that ignores […]

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5 things to prepare before launching your marketing campaign


After you have worked so hard on a very big marketing campaign and is about to get launched, many questions keep running through your head. Is the campaign going to be successful, will it propel my business ahead, and will it make the brand an authority in the industry? However, if you have not taken […]

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5 mistakes to avoid in video marketing


When video marketing is applied properly, it presents huge potential for driving a lot of traffic, conversion, and sales. More people want demonstrations about products, their design, and the value they will derive through conversion. However, preparing and using video marketing has not always been an easy thing especially for new online marketers. To be […]

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October 2016 SEO course graduate students


After a 1 month break due to our overseas business trip and the renovation of our new training room, we are back for another class of SEO training! We are pleased to launch 2 classes (weekday and weekend) and also a private group training. Let’s take a look at their testimonials: “The course is very enriching. […]

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4 big mistakes to avoid with keyword research


One of the most cost effective methods for generating leads is getting found through search engines. Top marketers use a lot of their time optimizing online presence and striving to get higher ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for organic and paid results. Whether you are new or experienced SEO or SEM expert, keyword […]

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4 most important skills that every content & copywriting expert should have


The last ten years has seen a lot of changes in the content & copywriting Internet marketing specialty. While you only needed to be a decent writer a decade ago, the content marketing landscape has shifted a lot requiring content & copywriters to shift focus to what the clients want. Content marketing focuses on generating […]

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