“I managed to get my website ranked to page 1 number 2 within a month!” – Yew Chai


Yew Chai, an online marketer for a property management company was given a task – get more visibility online. He notices that his company website is not getting any leads online as it was not found in Google, Yahoo or Bing. He did a lot of research online and found Impossible Marketing and decided to join […]

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Review on Alan Koh’s SEO certification course – Sal from Australia


Our 1st student from Australia! Sal is an online marketing manager of a beauty firm in Perth, Australia. He heard about Impossible Marketing through a friend in Singapore and went online to do his research. He was very impressed with our SEO ranking as we are constantly ranked #1 in Google search. He decided to […]

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Review of Alan Koh’s SEO training – Ven of GD Group

Photo of Ven taking video testimonial

Ven is the co-founder of GD group. Under his care, GD Group operates a total of 8 outlets and 4 different concepts. The different dining concepts aim to offer customers a spectrum of options catering to different budgets for different occasions. For example, Penang St. Buffet, is popular with customers who want to celebrate special occasions. […]

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Srikanth’s website has 28 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google search

Photo of Mr Srikhans taking testimonial

Srikanth attended our SEO training 4 months ago. Prior to that, he has attended other classes and purchase online courses to learn SEO but did not get any results. 3 months after applying what was taught during the class, his website from nowhere to be found, to the 1st page of Google search. Today, his […]

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August 2016 SEO course graduate students


Our August 2016 SEO certification course graduate students. They are so ready to rank their websites on the 1st page of Google search results. See below for their video testimonial after learning our SEO strategy. “I find the course a very comprehensive training. I have attended one before and I find it very brief like […]

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Steven’s website from nowhere to be found to the 1st page of Google search

Steven’s website from nowhere to be found to the 1st page of Google search

Steven has a strong passion for SEO and been reading related books and watching Internet marketing videos online. He tries to implement those methods but could not get any results. In May 2016, he was recommended to our SEO course by a friend and decided to sign up for it. After applying the SEO strategy […]

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Jason’s website have several keywords on the 1st page of Google search!

Photo of Jason taking testimonial

Jason, a local business owner, wants to increase his online sales. He explored different options and find search engine optimization most suitable as he wants free and sustainable leads for his business. He googled for “SEO Singapore” and found Impossible Marketing‘s website ranking number 1 in Google organic search results. Feeling inspired, he decided to […]

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Our latest batch of SEO course students – June 2016

June 2016 SEO course graduate students

Once again, thank you for choosing Impossible Marketing to enhance your Internet marketing skills especially on our proven SEO strategies. June has always been a quiet month for training due to the school holidays and we were not expecting to launch any SEO training in June. However, due to multiple requests (check out the pictures below), […]

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Mark’s review on Alan Koh’s SEO training course

Mark's review on Alan Koh's SEO training course

Mark was sent down by his company to attend our SEO course. He was quite skeptical on SEO as he felt that Google algorithm keeps changing. Since it is a course fully sponsored, he proceeded to attend. 2 months later, his company website from nowhere to be found, to the 1st page of Google search. Mark’s […]

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Wee Teng’s website found on the 1st page of Google search after 14 days of optimization.

Photo of Wee Teng taking testimonial

Wee Teng attended our SEO course 1 month ago. After applying our SEO strategies, in about 2 weeks time, 1 of his keyword went from nowhere to be found, to the 1st page of Google organic search results. 1 month later, he has 2 keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google search results and […]

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