Top SEO mistakes

Updated on: 26 June 2013

YouTube video

The video tackles the most common mistakes committed by webmasters when running their website. It also provides information about how these are corrected. Hope you can increase your SEO ranking after reading and applying it.

The video highlights the following mistakes often committed by webmasters:

1. Not Having a Domain or a Compelling Website

You need a site and a unique domain name to make your online business more appealing to your target audience. You have to make sure that your website and domain are compelling enough. Your web pages should be interesting so you can easily impress your potential customers and persuade them to visit your pages more often. It is also crucial for you to make sure that all your web pages are easily navigable. This works in enhancing customer experience. You should also learn how to find the good stuffs and contents in your pages to ensure that these are not hidden from your target visitors.

2. Not Including the Right Words on Web Pages

As a website owner who wishes to increase website traffic, it is crucial for you to think about the words that your target audience will type on the search engines when looking for something related to your niche. Make sure that these words are included in your pages. But thinking about the right keywords and incorporating this in your webpage contents is not just enough. You should also do something to closely relate the keywords into your contents or your business. For instance, if you run a restaurant and you want to promote it through the web, then it is crucial for you to find the best keywords for it, try to incorporate it into your contents and show some crucial points about your establishment such as your menu.

3. Limiting your Mindset on Link Building

Instead of putting great emphasis on link building, it is essential for you to focus more on marketing and compelling content. If you only focus on link building, then you will be losing your chances of using other means of marketing and reaching out to your target audience such as advertising through newspapers. You should also think about other broader areas of marketing apart from link building. These include billboards, guerrilla marketing and social media marketing. The video talks about how useful it is to put more emphasis on how you can market your site and make it more well-known online.

4. Not Thinking about the Best Title and Descriptions of the Most Crucial Pages

Successfully running a website involves paying close attention to your homepage. The titles and descriptions in your homepage should be compelling and interesting enough to persuade your visitors to continue exploring your site.  Once you work hard to deliver the best titles and descriptions to your potential visitors, then it would be easier for you to receive more targeted ones that you can easily convert into real customers.