Top Trends That Will Transform the Future of Online Advertising

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Top Trends That Will Transform the Future of Online Advertising

Google AdWords has undergone massive changes in the recent years. Online marketers have felt the impact of these changes. The changes have not affected AdWords alone but cover the entire breadth and width of the online advertising industry. The changes have been taking place at a rapid pace. Some of the changes that have taken place in AdWords include the following:

  • New features
  • Extensions
  • Ad formats
  • Bidding options
  • Targeting options

More importantly, online marketing will never be the same again because of some emerging trends that have impacted the industry in the recent past. The trends that marketers need to look out for include the following:

Identity-Based Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Under this trend, the online advertising market has moved from keyword targeting to interests. Now, the market seems to be more inclined towards remarketing. Under identity, the focus was on specific emails and phone numbers. It then changed to remarketing, which involved people visiting the page on the website where the “Buy” button is located. The new trend enables businesses to target customers using specific ads.

Rise of Automation

Google has embraced more automated solutions, which it hopes to encourage marketers to use instead of manual optimizations. Automated solutions save time and are huge conveniences. On the other hand, with automated solutions, marketers do not have as much control over PPC as they once did. These days, Google is able to locate close variants of any keyword or phrase that a marketer wants to use in online advertising.

The technically-driven optimizations that Google is employing are great at eliminating mindless and repetitive tasks that marketers were accustomed to undertaking in the past. The new ad formats contain fewer keywords than ever before. The site links are dynamically written. A whole set of new toys and features are now available to marketers to use in online advertising and enjoy the much-desired success.

Rise of Content Remarketing and Convergence of Organic/Paid

PPC has moved away from being a standalone marketing strategy. PPC now has to be part of the entire marketing strategy that an online advertising team uses to gain more visibility online. Paid and organic marketing campaigns, as well as tools, are working together better than ever before. Businesses that are able to use the two together will enjoy more benefits from online advertising than the ones that opt to use the two separately.

Liking and following a particular brand does not guarantee visibility. The level of competition that exists in online advertising or marketing makes it necessary for marketers to do more to win the desired level of visibility. The competition emanates from different sources that include other businesses, media publications, users’ friends and entertainers among others. Content marketing and remarketing are a trend worth looking out for as well.

Therefore, online advertisers have to keep pace with the new trends. Marketers have to appreciate the role of automated solutions instead of manual optimizations. Marketers need to embrace the emerging trend of identity-based PPC marketing. The rise and convergence of content remarketing and paid/organic terms should not escape the attention of the modern online marketer or advertiser.