What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?

Updated on: 7 November 2013

YouTube video

Matt Cutts described Google’s view on guest blogging for links in this video. He expressed how this kind of activity is helpful for both the host and for the writer himself. However, some people take this into the extremes that they ignore quality and think exclusively on quantity. Several wrongful acts in the guest blogging are eliminated and the speaker talks about how Google wanted links from high quality articles not from the described guest blogging activities.

The video highlights the following points:

  1. Guest blogging is a win-win activity for both the host and for the guest blogger. Higher quality articles will definitely add insightful and sensible articles on blog therefore pushing its quality into a higher level. Most bloggers would want famous bloggers to write for their sites. On one hand, guest bloggers will have the opportunity to feature their articles on a popular blog especially to those who are very little-known in the world of blogging but can right really good articles with optimal quality.
  2. This activity is sometime taken to the extreme wherein guest bloggers offer the same content to different sites or spinning those and offering to multiple outlets. There are also guest bloggers who just outsource the articles which could yield very low quality blog posts and they simply insert links to your blog.
  3. Guest blogging is a tradition between high quality writers in exchange of information but it can be taken by some people into the extremes which could violate the essence of the activity.
  4. Google is less likely to count the links which are just massively inserted into a blog without quality content articles. Keep in mind that Google count links from high quality articles which somebody really exerted efforts and just have original things to say.
  5. There are several kinds of guest bloggers. Some are those who really want to share their insights but most in the SEO word just simply wanted to achieve the word count to pass as a blog post.

In order to achieve better rankings, you should:

  1. Produce a really good article of course with high quality. Do not simply outsource articles, spin it, and submit to blog posts because Google will less likely count the links from low quality articles.
  2. Engage in guest blogging activities to help you building links and improve your popularity as a writer or as a site. Host blogs to other writers to accumulate the knowledge and information in your site thus improving its quality.


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