Why is Social Media Important?

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Why is Social Media Important?



You have a business to run and hence you naturally want to be visible and be spoken about. The famous adage, ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ is very much true where businesses are concerned. To be successful, you need to have a strong media presence. That is where Social Media should not be neglected during your online marketing strategy. Social media reaches people with such speed and accuracy that if you miss being there, you may end up nowhere. Your presence in social media not only improves brand awareness of your products and services; they also build credibility to your brand image. Search engines gauge the quality of your website based on your social media presence and hence be present where you will be seen.

Social media links can do wonders in countless ways. The competition is stiff as everyone is aiming to capture the top spot. Hence, SEO professionals come up with fresh ideas that enable them to connect with the public directly and what better platform than social media? Let us see why social media is essential for your online business.

1) Beyond Barriers

If you have a strong presence in leading social media sites, you cross all barriers to reach the far end of the world. The reach of social media helps you to become popular and with active participation, you will soon have a growing list of followers who will be your brand ambassadors. Having account in Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and the likes, will be a great way to strengthen your marketing strategy. You can share your posts on these social media sites and you will soon find your followers sharing your content. Just make sure it is interesting and useful to the readers. You may not succeed in converting every possible reader into your customer but you would have accomplished what you hoped to – and that is spreading your brand name around.

2) Higher conversion rate

The traffic you get owing to your social media presence is genuine and the conversion rate is likely to be higher as you have managed to pull in targeted audience. If a prospective buyer visits your site through your link in social media, it is because he is interested to know what you have to offer. Unless he has an idea of purchasing the product, he may not be keen to visit your site. Hence, you get genuine traffic here and more such visits will improve your page rank in search engine results.

3) Build Authority 

Search engines love sites that are revered and referred by other sites and customers. When your business is widely talked about in various social channels, your authority in your line of activities is established. When you connect with your customers and prospective buyers by addressing their questions, your image grows and so does your popularity. As you see, the presence is not just about popularity; it is a proof of your credibility, your dedication to your business and your quality service to customers.

Social Media To Your Advantage

With a sound profile and great interaction in social media, you are all set to reach new heights. With a business page in Facebook, you can keep your customers and prospective buyers abreast of all that is happening in your business; be it a new launch or a discount offer, you can spread the word around. Not even the best of ads can achieve this result as you are directly interacting with your customers. Google+ profile is a great way to go to expand your client base. Make your blog posts on Google+ and you will soon find yourself better placed in search engine page results.