Why small business needs a mobile app

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Why small business needs a mobile app

Why small business needs a mobile app

The revolution won’t be televised; perhaps it will be tweeted, updated, pinned or Instagrammed. However, that became apparent when the Internet went wild. If the numbers are anything to go by, the Internet has gone mobile in a sense. More and more users are accessing the Internet through their smartphones which have brought about a paradigm shift in online marketing strategies. The metamorphosis of digital marketing began with a need for a business to have a website, which morphed into mobile friendly sites and now we have mobile apps. Simplicity in technology allows small businesses to have a mobile app in addition to the traditional digital marketing elements.

The uptake of mobile apps among small businesses is steadily gaining ground. Small businesses have noticed the mass migration from PCs to smartphones and other handheld devices by users. Having a business mobile app has its advantages for small, medium and big corporations.

Mobile apps offer a directing marketing channel

For any business having a new digital marketing platform is nothing short of glorious. The mobile business app performs a myriad of functions which are directly linked to offering value to the customers. In addition to the typical provisions such as pricing, news feeds, business related info, catalogs features, and the app creates a channel for marketing the business. For instance, customers have access to any sales promotions at the tip of their fingertips. Once the app is installed, it means the business has the ability to push its notification agenda further. This will, in turn, create a personal and rightly connected interaction with the customer. The customer will be reminded of a business’s product regularly through targeted notifications.

Increase visibility

There is a more personalized connection on a Smartphone than on a PC. Research indicates that Smartphone users spend an average of one hour on their phones on a daily basis. Therefore, a business mobile app successfully installed on a user phone will be easily noticed. The average user needs to scroll through the phone perusing through their ‘favorite’ apps but consciously aware of the other apps in the process. It is this intentional awareness that increases visibility for the small business with an app.

Digital branding

Although a clear indication of attractiveness will be designated to the creation of the app itself, it’s good to mention the ability to create brand awareness for the small business. In reality, a business mobile app is like a poster or a billboard on a Smartphone screen. Every time the Smartphone user scrolls, they get to see a brand they have come to love. Of course, the customers will only retain the app if it has features they find interesting and useful to them. 

Improve communication

The ease by which Smartphone users type on their screen only goes to show the preferences in using such a mode of communication than calling in a complaint. Imagine a mobile app that has a messaging feature? It helps the small business to improve their engagements with their customers. If customers can access valuable information about a product or company through a few clicks then it means there is effective communication between a business and its customers.

Ultimately, the business mobile app adds value to the customers. The customer has a lot to gain through the app especially if a business is willing to digitize seemingly traditional tasks such as loyalty programs. If you are running a small business or an online business, you should give a mobile app a try.