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As an Internet Marketing company in Singapore providing SEO services, we believe the best way to prove our abilities is to show you the ranking result of our own website. How else can we expect clients to trust us if we are not even able to make our own website rank well?

Impossible Marketing is proud to share that we are ranked number 1 in Google for the following keywords:


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Internet Marketing Singapore390Number 1
Internet Marketing590Number 1*
Online Marketing Singapore390Number 1
Online Marketing480Number 1*
SEO Singapore2400Number 1
Singapore SEO260Number 1
SEO3600Number 1*
Search Engine Optimization880Number 1*
Search Engine Optimization Singapore110Number 1
SEO Services Singapore590Number 1
SEO Services480Number 1*

Try it out yourself and Google any of the above keywords (eg.” Internet Marketing Singapore”) and you will find us #1 in Google organic search results (not paid advertisements).

Did you notice we included “Average Monthly Searches” in our table? This is the statistic from Google and everyone can access to it for free. Click our SEO page and download a step by step guide on how to use the Google Adwords Planner Tool to check for keywords average monthly searches. It is important to know the average monthly searches for your keywords as there is no point being at the top of Google search results if your targeted keywords have no search demand.   

In 2013, We expanded our business by providing Internet marketing course so that SME and individuals can learn and optimize their website at a lower cost. And Yes! We are ranked top again for Internet marketing and SEO course related keywords:   

  • #1 ranking for “Internet Marketing Course”
  • #1 ranking for “Internet Marketing Course Singapore”
  • #1 ranking for “Singapore Internet Marketing Course”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Training”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Training Singapore”
  • #1 ranking for “Singapore SEO Training”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Course”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Course Singapore”
  • #1 ranking for “Singapore SEO Course”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Certification”
  • #1 ranking for “SEO Certification Singapore”
  • #1 ranking for “Singapore SEO Certification”
  • #1 ranking for “Online Business Singapore”
  • #1 ranking for “Singapore Online Business”

And many more keywords.

Go ahead and Google about it. 

More results


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
New Launch Condo1300Number 1
New Condo Launch880Number 1
New Condo Launch Singapore320Number 1
New Launch Condo Singapore210Number 1
Singapore New Launch210Number 1
New Launch Singapore210Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Photo Studio Singapore880Number 1
Photography Studio Singapore170Number 1
Photography Services Singapore140Number 1
Singapore Photo Studio90Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Wedding Videography Singapore720Number 1
Wedding Videographer Singapore170Number 1
Singapore Wedding Videograper110Number 1
Singapore Wedding Videography70Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Florist Singapore5400Page 1
Singapore Florist1300Page 1
Flower Delivery Singapore4400Page 1
Flowers Delivery Singapore590Page 1
Singapore Flower Delivery480Page 1
Flower Delivery880Page 1
Flower Shop Singapore590Page 1
Singapore Flower Shop140Page 1
Flower Shop390Page 1
Online Florist Singapore390Page 1
Online Florist210Page 1
Florist Online170Page 1
Flowers Singapore110Page 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Massage Chair Singapore320Number 1
Singapore Massage Chair30Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Property Management260Number 1*
Property Management Singapore170Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Mobility Scooter110Number 1
Mobility Scooter Singapore90Number 1


KeywordsAverage Monthly SearchesGoogle SEO Ranking
Room For Rent In Singapore6600Page 1
Room Rental Singapore2400Page 1
Singapore Room For Rent880Page 1
Room For Rent Singapore880Page 1
Room Rental720Page 1
Room Rent In Singapore480Page 1
Room To Rent In Singapore390Page 1
Singapore Room Rental390Page 1
Singapore Rent Room390Page 1
Room Rental In Singapore320Page 1
Singapore Room Rent260Page 1

These are only a small fraction of our portfolio.
Contact us today to view our full portfolio and start getting your business website above your competitors!

When you Google keywords without “Singapore”, Google tend to return results from international websites (Eg. Wikipedia), related news articles and pictures. However, we are still ranked number 1 for the local website in the search results. 

“Keywords” and “Average Monthly Searches” are from Google Adwords Planner tool in June 2015. Results may be different every month.

Google SEO Ranking is base on Google.com.sg Search Results Page (also known as SERP) and not Paid Advertisements. Results may be different from time to time.

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