Student Testimonials

Our students’ testimonial after attending our SEO training.
They are ready to dominate Google search results with their SEO skills.

“Now I am in my 4th month and I have done the changes to my website according to what Alan has taught me. My ranking has improved a lot from nowhere now I am ranking on (not for a few keywords. For anyone of you who wants to rank your website, you should come to Alan’s SEO class because he will HELP YOU, TEACH YOU, GUIDE YOU, MAKE YOU, FORCE YOU TO RANK WELL.”
– Ben, business owner

For me, I am not IT incline, I don’t know about website design and optimization. I find Alan’s course easily understandable. I strongly recommended this course.
– Ben’s 1st testimonial after our training

“Within 1 month plus, my website is ranked #1 and #2 in Google. I manage to get lots of leads and customers buying my products online. Currently, I earn about SGD $5,000 – $6,000 every month and it’s increasing. I have customers all over the world.
– Morrick, work from home

Alan is very humble and sincere speaker and he really know his stuff.
– Morrick’s 1st testimonial after our training

“My website was initially nowhere to be found but with Alan’s teaching, now my website is at page 1 rank 1 for a few keywords. Leads are coming in! Alan’s course works!!
– Benny, professional photographer

“I feel that Alan’s course is very informative and very engaging. A lot of hands-on work and I learn a lot. I feel that he is genuine. After this course, I am quite confident that I can bring my website to better ranking and hopefully page 1 rank 1.”
– Benny’s 1st testimonial after our training

“1 month after joining Alan’s course, my website is found at top 3 of Google search. My profit increased more than SGD $3,000 and when the days are good it can go up to $5,000 more.
– Ronald, business owner

“Our website used to be just a placeholder page that doesn’t rank anywhere in Google. After 6 to 8 weeks, we jump up for our targeted keywords to page 1. That was really an obvious sign that whatever we learn in class was applicable. At the same time, we also experience increased business leads through our website. Definitely, the course is worth coming for because it teaches you skills that are applicable and effective.
– Kai Cheong, business owner

“I attended Alan’s class 3 months back. It helped me to boost my website to 1st page ranking number 2 and number 3. With that, sales have increased by 30% to 40%. In my order form, a lot of people click that they know me from Google search. Thanks, Alan.”
– Ruth, business owner

“I attended the preview and sign up for the course. I was actually at page 9 at that time. After applying his (Alan) technique, about 2 months time, there was a jump to between page 2 and page 4. I keep on doing and my website jumped to page 1. When I’m on page 1, I do even more and now I am on page 1 number 1. I get leads every day and my revenue jumped tremendously. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who want to get more leads and conversions.”
– Gary, business owner

“After attending the course, I find it really enriching and I learnt a lot of things hence I sent my developers over to attend the course. Our own web page did not actually have a good ranking and we went through a rigorous 2 months of applying the knowledge of what Alan has taught us. Surprisingly, after 2 months of really intensive hard work, we manage to get our ranking on Google 1st page. I strongly encourage you guys to come over and attend the course.”
– Randy, web developer

I’m proud to say that my website is on page 1 number 1. My company is a startup company and In Singapore, there are many big players in the market. Now we have outranked everyone of them and we are getting a lot of enquiries. Our last month sales were about $30,000 and that’s like a really huge amount for a startup company. We got the much-needed boost and encouragement to take it further. I hugely recommend this course. Thank you!”
– Fazel, marketing manager

“I attended Alan’s course about 6 weeks ago. We were at about page 7 or page 8 for our keyword. After 6 weeks by applying what was taught in the class, we have managed to reach page 1. I really like to recommend Alan and his SEO course. He has a lot of patient in teaching and as well as a very clear and concise way of communicating the useful information.”
– Albert, Point-Of-Sales solution provider

“Before I attended his (Alan) class, I already know a little about SEO but I didn’t rank well. After attended his class, my website appears page 1 number 2 on a very competitive keyword (4000+ monthly searches).

Before I attend the class, I been spending about $2000 per month to get leads using Adwords. After attended his class, I practice what he has taught and I already stop spending my $2000 monthly and on top of that I am making ADDITIONAL $3000 per month. (A difference of $5000 per month.)”
– Hairun, Maxi Cab Driver

“Before I attended this course, I actually paid people 300-400 USD per month just to rank my website. Results weren’t that good as my website was ranked on page 6-7. I spent about 2 years working on my website. After attending Alan’s course, I managed to correct a lot of elements in my website and I managed to rank 60% of my products on page 1. Thank you, Alan!!”
– Edison, property agent

“Within this past 3 months, I realised my traffic increased to around 48k from nothing. Now I am making money from Adsense and sales conversion. I highly recommend Alan’s course.”
– Chin Chuan, business owner

“After applying the SEO tactic taught by him (Alan). My website from nowhere to be found on page 1 position number 1. Because of that, my website traffic increased a lot and I started to earn commission from my website.
– Han Neng, work from home

Attended Alan’s SEO course 1 month ago……. my web page has manage to climb to page 1.
– Kenny, wedding company business owner

“My company’s website from nowhere to be found to page 2 within 2 months. I continue to apply the Impossible Marketing’s method and within another 2 months, it went from page 2 to page 1. Right now we are in the middle of page 1. I believe we will reach top 3 soon.

The good thing about being on page 1 is – we receive many leads. With the leads we are getting, we don’t have to worry about marketing cost and we cut down a lot of our marketing cost. I really recommend everybody to attend the course.”
– Gary, mobile app developer

“The last review I was ranked at page 2. After the review, I’m on page 1. Now I am trying to rank for another keyword. Thanks, Alan!!”
– Alvin, business owner

Attended SEO course 5 weeks ago… now I have a few keywords which are already on the 1st page of Google!
– Cherie, Propnex agency director

“Attended Alan SEO course 2 months ago…… my website is now on 1st page….. not only my sales has gone up, traffic flow to my shop has increased tremendously.
– Charles, business owner

I sign up his (Alan) course about 3 months ago and now my web page is on the 1st page of Google. I learn a lot from Alan and his team, they been very helpful even after the course. Now that I seen results on my web page, I highly recommend his class.”
– Alanis, Huttons Asia

“After attending the course, I went back very diligently to apply all the methods to my company’s website. During the 1st month, I don’t see much improvement so I somehow felt disappointed. After that, I don’t give up and continue to apply the methods. Eventually after 1 month 2 month, it starts from page 12 to 9, 6, 3 and till today, it finally reaches page 1. I eventually covered what I paid Alan so far.”
– Vance, business owner

My website is now on page 1 position number 9. If you ever wondering if Alan’s course is good, the results speak for itself. It has surpassed my expectation. 2 thumbs up!!
– Leon, tuition business owner

My website was up late November last year, it took me 5 months to bring my website to page 1. Thanks!
– Jack, real estate agent

“Last month I been to Alan’s course and I created a website. This month I got my website to Google 1st page number 2 ranking and I already got a few leads.
– Andy, property agent

Today is my 1st review and my website is ranked page 1, number 6. I am still trying to work on his (Alan) method so that I can go to the top of page 1.”
– Zul, fashion business owner

“I attend this class 1 month back. I help my wife to build a very simple website. Within 1 month, it goes to page 3, 2 then now I’m on page 1. Thanks, Alan and the team for what they have taught me.”
– Gunadi

“About 4 months ago, I attended Alan’s SEO course………. I started to build my website base on what he taught. I can see the ranking of my website climb up slowly from cannot be found on page 9, to page 5, then page 3. Now my website is on page 1.
– Myndy, work from home

“I went to search on Google and Alan’s website is found at the top. Being at the top, he must be the best. I sign up for his SEO course and start to build up my website. Within 2 months, my ranking surprising not only on the 1st page of Google, but I have 2 listings on the 1st page of Google. This is amazing!”
– Patrick, professional dog trainer

“Very valuable and holistic course if you’re considering to implement SEO in your website. I been following them since 2013 and they have consistently been ranked number 1 and that itself proofs that they are really credible. The course is definitely worth it. You get the in-depth teaching of everything that you need to know and Alan’s secret formula of how to get ranked.”
– Roy, business owner

“Alan was straightforward with his strategy – Alan doesn’t teach things that he doesn’t use…. Every question that we post to him, he is able to help us solve….. I recommend Alan and his team.”
– Mickey, property agent

Within 3 months, my website rose to Page 1 number 1 ranking. WOW!
– Mrs Chan, work from home


“After the course, I followed closely and implemented his (Alan) strategies, my website rankings continually climbed up over the past 3 months and it is now on Page 1 of Google. This has lead to a 20-30% increase in sales calls /leads. Additionally, I have also managed to scale down some of my company’s marketing dollars.”
– Michael, business owner

Michael SEO Testimonial

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