Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Another type of Internet marketing strategy to consider is email marketing. Email marketing is the process of sending out mass emails to active email accounts to promote a company’s product or service.

Blasting your company promotion to million of active email accounts.

Blasting your company promotion to 1 million active Singapore email accounts.

Why is email marketing important?

Instead of customers coming to you, you can reach out to them. Email marketing allows business owners to reach out to millions of potential customers in a short period of time. Email marketing also allows business owners to stay in constant contact with their existing customers to update them  on any ongoing promotion.

How can email marketing help in my business?

Email marketing is most efficient if you have an attractive promotion and wish to reach out to our database of 1 million active email accounts.

Email marketing is a numbers game. Imagine this: after sending your business promotion to our 1 million email addresses, you just need 1% (1mil x 1% = 10,000) of them to visit your website to find out more. Out of the 10,000 potential customers who visit your website, another 1% (10,000 x 1% = 100) may call you for more details. You are looking at a potential 100 case of sales closure or more.

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