August Team Bonding: Counter-strike, fighting zombies and defusing bombs in an alternate world

Updated on: 7 September 2018

Our Digital Marketing Agency went on a thrilling adventure last Friday for an experience like no other! That’s right, we spent our afternoon immersed in the exciting world of virtual reality – a dimension where anything and everything is possible.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse and blasting zombies with your gun? Checked! Defusing an undetonated bomb? Checked! Engaging in some extreme close combat shooting in Counter-strike? Checked!

We’ll let the pictures below do the talking 🙂

Warming up in the office with a game of Charades
Miming “sewing a dress”
Shooting enemies in Counter-strike
What is she looking at?
Playing tennis on the beach
Slicing zombies with her knife

Thank you V-Room for the out of the world experience!