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Help for hacked sites

YouTube video


The video talks about the things that you can do to save a hacked site. It focuses more on requesting a review to make a hacked site up and running again.

The video highlights the following:

1. Requesting a Review through Google and Gaining Approval

A request for review is usually done through Google during the time when you are still waiting for your pages to be approved. Note that your pages will have greater chances of being approved if these are no longer flagged to users. Receiving approval of reviews is also possible if it was discovered or determined that your website does not show any signs of producing harm or deception to potential searchers.

2. Determining when your Site will be Ready for Review

Before you request for review, it is crucial for you to perform a few tasks to prepare your site and increase its chances of being approved. The four vital tasks that you need to complete are the following:

  • Verify website ownership using the webmaster tools
  • Eliminate hackers vandalism from your site
  • Correct any vulnerabilities to ensure that your site is free from threats
  • Bring back your website online

After completing all these tasks, you will know that your website is already ready for review.

3. What to do if your Website is affected by Phishing Pages?

When this happens, the best thing that you can do is to submit review using the Google Webmaster tools. This specific review works in eliminating phishing warnings that come from phishing pages that are now considered as clean. This specific review also acts as an efficient reporting tool for website owners who think that their pages were inaccurately and improperly flagged for phishing. Note that phishing reviews usually require a day of processing. You will know if you are successful if the phishing warnings are already removed from your pages and search results.

4. What to do if Malware affects your Website?

The first thing that you should do is to log into your account at Google Webmaster tools. You can actually get help by selecting malware in the web master tools. This will present a malware pages that would likely still show a list of samples infected by malware. However, during this recovery stage, the list of samples infected or aroused no longer has malicious or harmful contents. If you notice that all aroused or infected samples are already clean, then you can choose to request a review. Your request will trigger the anti-malware system of Google to scan your site.

5. What to do if your Website is Vandalised or Compromised with Spam?

The first step is to use the Google’s Webmaster tools to send a reconsideration request, which frequently takes a few days to process. Upon approval of this request, the label that states, “this site may be compromised” is eliminated. The removal is usually done within 24 hours.

You can click here to request a malware review from Google.