Impossible Marketing’s new office at Yan Kit Road (Tanjong Pagar)

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Impossible Marketing’s new office at Yan Kit Road (Tanjong Pagar)

We are excited to share that we have expanded to the level 2 of 14 Yan Kit Road.

Back in June 2017, we took over the level 3 of this shophouse (More info: Since then, our Digital Marketing team has expanded rapidly. Now, we have secured both level 2 and 3 of this building.

This new office is 2.5x bigger than level 3 and 10x bigger than our 1st office at Maxwell House (More info:

Here are some of the photos of our new place:

We love the huge windows and the natural light that shines into the office.
More workstations at the back of the office. Building an open concept office to encourage more conversations.
Love the unblock view that faces Keppel Corp. We are sure that we will be their marketing partner one day.
The “chillax” area (also our favourite furniture area). Clear your work on the sofa or carpet? You decide.
Oh Yes! Our Christmas tree is up!
The discussion area where all great ideas flow.
The meeting room where we execute our ideas. Most importantly, our clients sign the contracts here.
Our Pantry area with the rustic look!
Microwave, Hot & Cold water dispenser and Fridge. What else is missing?
Lot’s of snacks, especially chocolate!
Grab whatever you can! Free-top up!
The drinks! Our fridge is too small.
And of course, there is always space for ice cream!
Our own toilets (no need to share with other tenants).
Comes with shower facility (a must after gym) PS: We also offer Gym access to our staffs!
The FAVOURITE corner (tuck in a corner, far far away from the boss).
Our Gaming Room
Full of snacks just outside!
Not forgetting the Impossible Marketing signage.