4 crucial tips of using Snapchat to grow a business brand

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4 crucial tips of using Snapchat to grow a business brand


Social media market involves purposeful targeting, forming the right personas, and working with the target audience to build stronger communities. Snapchat’s fast growth has become the new thing in town that promises a lot of potential for marketers. Bloomberg report indicated that users in Snapchat are now watching 10 billion videos a day. This is huge potential and in fact nearing that of the giant Facebook.

However, Snapchat is different from other social media marketing platform because the average age of users is 18-21 years and over 2/3 are female. If your business deals with products or services that target this demographic, Snapchat is the best place to be. This post outlines 4 useful ways that you can use Snapchat to grow your business.

Generate and post great content

When you get to Snapchat, there is a feeling that users are seeing your brand closely and have extra insights about its products. This creates a sense of loyalty with your followers and should be a crucial pillar in determining how you create content for the audience. How do you do this?

Think about peculiar aspects of your brand and demonstrate how different and valuable you are from others. It is time to convey the brand using unique personality to create emotions that audience can easily relate to. Make sure to review your products and showcase how the brand matches the target audience lifestyle, activities, and is, therefore, part of them.

Add value to the audience

In Snapchat, users will only add your brand if they find that it is beneficial. Apart from sharing content that is personal to your brand, look for something unique, more valuable, and appealing in a manner that users have not seen on Instagram or Facebook. This will keep them coming back for more because of there of higher value. Remember not to mix content on Snapchat with other social media channels but work on different content for each of them. Run exclusive content, competitions, and even vouchers to create a sense of value to your followers.

Maintain consistency with your content

Target posting content that emphasizes your business strength consistently and creates a need for users to follow you. Because Snapchat gets the attention of users for a very short time, you need to look at your brand from different angles and come up with a progressive and compelling content. Consider sharing content about once or twice every day. To make this easy, you can work on a content schedule to help you keep generating useful content that the clients want.

Grow Snapchat relationship

Your business can only grow if it creates strong relationships with users. Once you have shared product or brand images, you will be able to connect and form strong communities. If a snap about your brand generates negative attention, it is important to acknowledge the fault and correct it. Make sure to follow the conversations around your images and analyze the success over time. Remember always to add links and show the community why they should buy from your brand. Snapchat presents huge potential if you should take some time to work on your brand, understand users, and present what they want.