4 Twitter questions that every marketer should ask

Updated on: 22 March 2017

Twitter is one of the most preferred social media marketing platforms because of its versatility and effectiveness in carrying a brand message to new market segments. To help Twitter marketers and users, there are very many tools that are designed to leverage Twitter marketing efforts. The following are some of the most important questions that you should ask about Twitter reach.

How well do I know my twitter followers?

It is very important to understand your followers so that you craft contents that are suitable for them. This will encourage them to read more and share more with their friends and family. This will also win their loyalty in long term.

Are the messages getting to audiences beyond the followers?

Your brand strength can only grow if your messages are going beyond the followers to other audiences. To know this, consider using TweetReach.com that gives reach and impressions of your last 50 tweets. This includes the retweets sent by your followers to the extended audience. This metric will assist you to understand the tweets that reached the highest number of people so that you can prepare others in the same manner.

Who are the most influential leads in a specific subject?

While reaching the target audience is very important, the impact will be even greater if you identify and work with influencers. Influencers are people who command a lot of following and trust in a specific industry. If you reach several influencers, your marketing campaigns can drive a lot of traffic and conversions.

What is the best time to tweet in order to reach more followers?

Knowing the best time when your followers can get the message is very important for brand communication. Using Tweriod.com or Hootsuite.com, you get an analysis of your followers for the last 200 tweets so that you can tell when they are most active. A tweet at the correct time can get 5 to 10 times more reach.