7 Best Landing Page Practices to Secure High-Conversion Rates

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7 Best Landing Page Practices to Secure High-Conversion Rates

7 Best Landing Page Practices to Secure High-Conversion Rates

In digital marketing, mastering the skills of gaining scalable lead generation is no easy feat. This is where an excellent landing page can help kickstart your campaign. Although some people leave it to the professionals to help design their landing pages, it’s important to take note of these 7 best landing page practices to ensure maximum results!

1. Make It Relevant to Today’s Situation

Your landing page should reflect today’s landscape in order to relate to the viewer. This helps to create a higher conversation rate by focusing on how your service/product can help them. By including current information, it helps to allow the viewer to visualise how your company can benefit them, which in turn creates a higher conversation rate.

2. Showcase your Product or Service

Whilst it may be simple to include the price and description of what you are selling, this is not the most effective way to improve your conversation rate. We recommend a featured video, that encapsulates all your benefits of your product/service. This helps to reinforce your brand identity whilst providing useful information to your audience.

3. Use Testimonials

Reviews are one of the most important aspects that make or break your business. By using testimonials, it helps you win the trust of your consumer. This can be done in many ways depending on your type of service. For example, screenshotting reviews on Twitter is one way to display your testimonials. The use of social media is one credible way to check up on reviews since their profiles can be linked. Another way is to show statistics of your sales, to help people recognise the value of your company.

4. Make Your Copy Conversational

Make it short and sharp. In this day and age, most people lead busy lives therefore if you want to improve your website conversion rate, your copy has to be compelling. Instead of using long paragraphs to describe your product/service, use bulleted lists to highlight the benefits. Furthermore, remember to use SEO keywords, to help boost your visibility on Google.

5. Use Interactive Cues

Visual indicators such as arrows, pointers, shaper or graphics can help to navigate the consumer around your landing page. As most landing pages aren’t just a block of text, it’s important to allow easy navigating cues in order to help your customers understand what you’re about. Pro Tip: Use bold, pop-up buttons for your call-to-action to increase your conversion rate.

6. Include Social Pages

Taking a page from social media marketing, it’s no wonder why including your social media links is essential in a landing page. Nowadays, people are always looking for trust when it comes to companies. Social media pages help you to connect with your audiences, as well as reinforcing your brand’s image. Since social media has been a renowned force in the digital marketing industry, linking it in your landing page allows the consumer to share it easily!

7. Include a privacy policy

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats in this modern world. As a result, disclosing that your customers’ data is safe with you helps to reassure them of their privacy. Furthermore, this is a much-needed reason due to the fact that it is mandated by the law.

By following our tried and true techniques, you’ll be on your way to improving your website conversion rate. Landing pages are like magnets that draw your customer’s attention, so invest your time wisely into creating nothing but the best. Should you want to make your digital marketing campaign more well-rounded, read up on our tips to crafting Facebook ads that have the potential to boost your presence on the internet off the roof!