7 Best Facebook Ad Practices to Implement on Your Campaigns

Updated on: 19 June 2020

7 Best Facebook Ad Practices to Implement on Your Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is a wide umbrella and under it, you can find the likes of SEO, SEM and Facebook Marketing. Advertising on Facebook is a widely consummated marketing tactic and through the course of time, Facebook’s advertising medium has continued to change.

With that said, if you have not been fully utilising Facebook for advertising, you are missing out on a lot of factors that can rake in benefits to your business. These 7 Facebook ad practices will make all the difference to your existing and future campaigns. Read on to find out how you can optimise your campaigns and digital marketing strategies to the fullest!

1. Laser focus your campaign goals to create business value

The first order of business is to decide on an advertising objective to help your brand reach its desired business goals. Make sure to only select categories that are geared to achieving your intended results.

For example, Awareness helps to create interest in your service or product. Consideration helps to get people thinking about your business and searching for more information about it. Meanwhile, Conversion encourages people interested in your product to use or purchase your product. Nailing down an objective that is aligned to your wider strategy drives true value for your business and is one of the factors that will add on positives to your campaign’s end-result!

2. Pair together the best of eye-catching images and effective copies

Images can make or break your campaign. Hitting the bull’s eye with an aesthetically pleasing image is useless if it is not matched with an equally compelling copy. Not only does a powerful and engaging copy help you get more clicks to your site, but it also sets the direction to users.

After all, your investment in Facebook advertising will only be worth it when it makes an actual impact. Persuade, excite and entertain. Solidify your copy with these 3 elements to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Fingers crossed!

3. Keep it short, simple and sweet

Your goal is to persuade people to take action, rather than impressing them with your language skills. As such, it has to be written in a way that the audience can understand. Anyone seeing your ad should have no issue figuring out your offer, its benefits and the action you want them to undertake. Hence, always mention your branding right off the bat!

4. Leverage Facebook Remarketing

With Facebook ads, you are granted the freedom to do a range of marketing. This includes the autonomy to reach your existing leads by remarketing to them, and by enabling your advertising strategy to have a higher impact with a few tweaks.

Leverage on this flexibility to showcase your ads to individuals who have previously interacted with your brand in the past. Don’t be afraid to give these leads a nudge and who knows, they might even bring in higher conversion potential!

5. Keep a tab on your ad performance

During the era when TV and radio were the hype, gauging the audience response was a chore and advertising required a lot of guesswork. Since social media came into the picture though, measuring ad performance has been made a whole lot easier. As the ad manager, you get more control over the ad campaign’s performance in which you can adjust accordingly, whenever necessary.

As you better understand how your Facebook ad is performing, you can alter various elements of your ad based on this feedback. Through experimentation, work on constantly improving your ad campaign to help you filter down and seek one that has the potential to give you a high return on investment.

6. Keep your budget inline

When you choose not to keep track of your campaign and its targeting, you’re likely to lose more than you gain. As Facebook’s advertising cost is dependent on multiple factors, it is vital that the results reflect the amount invested. According to your capacity, take your pick from a lifetime budget or a daily budget.

If you’re a greenhorn, it’s best to go with a lower budget. But if you are confident about your ad copies, creatives and have trust in your target group, feel free to increase your budget.

7. Develop a long-term strategy for the long haul

Unlike Google users who are already searching for something to purchase, Facebook users are known to be the casual browsers instead. In order to gain success through Facebook advertising, you have to come up with a long-term strategy instead of thinking about instant returns. Think long term and you won’t fall victim to failed campaigns!

All in all, you should never forget the importance of strengthening your core strategies while keeping a long-term vision. Stay ahead of your rivals when you harness the potential and ability of this robust medium.

For starters, you could look into attending Facebook Marketing Courses to better understand the platform and its advertising methods. Else, knowing how to leverage on other Facebook functionalities such as Messenger can also optimise your business-to-customer practices! Alternatively, you can look at engaging a digital marketing agency to guide you on your social media marketing plans every step of the way.