6 Tips for Marketers to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Updated on: 12 June 2020

6 Tips for Marketers to Stay Productive While Working from Home

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride. With the uncertainty during this global pandemic, COVID-19 has led many businesses to shift to a work from home lifestyle. This has been especially hard on marketers who are not able to work with their team and connect with people face-to-face as they usually do.

However, this shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge if you take note of these 6 beneficial tips to make every day fruitful whilst working from home!

1. Create A Daily Routine

Although you may be working from home, it’s no excuse to lounge around in your pyjamas. It may be tempting, to sleep in a little longer however this is not plausible. Following a daily routine helps to get you on the right foot daily. Start by taking a bath and eating a well-rounded breakfast before work as this will allow you to stay motivated and keep your energy high.

Another recommendation is to jot down a to-do list in the morning. By physically writing out what you need to accomplish for the day, it helps to curb procrastination which can get suspiciously tempting during this work arrangement.

2. Focus on Online Marketing Strategies

Centre your marketing strategies on online platforms. This is a time where SEO marketing is essential. An SEO Expert will know that this is the perfect time to create visibility for brands since people are spending more time in the digital world. Another strategy you might want to consider is focusing on Social Media Marketing. This is a fantastic of staying relevant while venturing into other marketing platforms of a wider spectrum. With many avenues like Facebook, Instagram and the now popular TikTok, the sky’s truly the limit!

3. Continue to Communicate with Clients

Communication is an essential part of our everyday lives and during this pandemic, it is important to place more emphasis on this aspect. As marketing is not something that should be put on halt, play around with various modes of communication and use the best tool to get your client back on track. Use a combination of video conferencing applications, emails and messaging, to optimise two-way conversations regarding any project or campaigns you are working on. It is crucial that you use this time to create timely strategies to propel businesses to greater heights.

Especially during this period, your clients may be worried about the future of their business. Sending uplifting messages and keeping them positive is a good way to show your support!

4. Hold Team Meetings Daily

Back in the office, many of us take social interactions for granted. Now that everyone is working on their own, it’s helpful to hold daily meetings to keep everyone up to date. Block out some time daily and get each employee to share their takeaways and goals for the day. This helps to establish active communication and reduces misunderstandings along the way.

If daily meetings are a no go, you can choose to conduct a weekly session instead to help boost their spirits and look out for one another. Then, you can choose to conduct mini activities that give insights to each employees’ working style and maybe even figure out how you can tap on each other’s strengths while at it!

5. Celebrate Any Form of Achievement

Positivity is contagious and this is why we’ll need a lot of it during this tough transition period. Any achievement, big or small, should be acknowledged. If you find it difficult to say it in person (read: on a video call), sending heartwarming emails and messages is another way you can do it. By celebrating achievements, it helps to foster a sense of teamwork and show appreciation for the hardworking team.

6. Take Up Courses Online

This stay-at-home period is perfect for acquiring a new skill digitally. The internet is home to many online courses that can help better your marketing skills. As with the rise of digital marketing, a great suggestion is to go for is a Facebook Marketing Course. By signing up for these courses, you’ll be able to get out of quarantine with a new set of skills that will be useful for your company in the long run.

Due to the current state of the world, many of us had to quickly adapt to working from home. Whilst it may be difficult for many individuals, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects during this time – both for yourself and your job. Digital marketing is especially crucial for businesses so as a marketer, you should remain positive and press on. Thanks to marketers like yourself, businesses can continue to strive. So heads up for the grey clouds won’t last forever.