COVID-19: Strict Measures Rolled Out At Training Room

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COVID-19: Strict Measures Rolled Out At Training Room

Alongside with International Plaza, Impossible Marketing has taken on the necessary precautions at our training rooms to curb the spread of COVID-19.

1) Temperature screening upon entering International Plaza

Upon entrance into the building, all visitors will be required to undergo a mandatory temperature screening. Visitors found to have failed the screening will be denied entry. Security guard is available to politely ask the visitors to leave the building. 

2) Crowd control

To better control the crowd, some entrance will be closed. Visitors are only allow to use the main entrance to enter the building.

3) Hand Sanitiser at every level of the building (lift area)

Hand sanitisers can be located in every level of the lift lobby and the entrance of the building.
Visitors are encourage to use it when they enter the building and while waiting for the lift. This aids in killing the bacteria and virus on your hands.

4) Hand sanitiser in the training room

We have also placed a bottle of hand sanitiser in our Training Room for the use of all participants. 

Note: Subjected to availability

5) Ventilate rooms

Experts have suggested that airing rooms are a good way to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Our team will continue to ventilate the room after every booking.

6) Weekly Cleaning of training rooms

To ensure cleanliness throughout, external cleaners have been engaged to clean all our 3x training rooms weekly. As contamination can take place on surfaces, we have paid our utmost focus in cleaning and wiping the tables, chairs, markers, whiteboards, windows and doors with disinfectant. The floor will also be vacuumed regularly.

Simple precautions like these can make a difference in preventing further spread of COVID-19. Your co-operation with the measures rolled out will be greatly appreciated. 

We look forward to having you at our Training Room!