December Team Bonding: Team Impossible Christmas Party

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December Team Bonding: Team Impossible Christmas Party

What is a better year-end reward than with fun and games?

In conjunction with Christmas last December, our Digital Marketing Agency sets off yet to another adventure, this time all the way to the East! Everyone was in high (read: competitive) spirits  – because with over 60 winnings gifts like a Mayer Air Fryer, luxurious staycation and Apple Beats Studio³ Wireless, who wouldn’t be?

The fun started off with a game of telepathy where teammates are to standardise a pose with a given word as soon as it is said. The spectators were quick (and merciless) to spray water guns to groups who had three or more different poses.

Now – Who Drank The Weird Drink? In this next game, one person from each team is given a weird-tasting drink. The challenge is to keep a poker face to avoid being identified as being the odd one out, triggering the FBI in all of us.

Up next; Guess The Song. Here’s the rule: purely through drawing. Trust us – it wasn’t as easy as it seems but it is sure as fun as it looks. The game required quick-thinking, some creativity juices and critical analysis – just like what it takes for a good job done for Social Media Marketing campaigns.

And of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a gift exchange. Last on our itinerary, we exchanged our gifts the White Elephant style. Some of the frequently stolen gifts include a toaster and fancy s’mores from New Zealand. And the luckier ones? They got to bring pain relieving patches home!

Click on the video below to watch what went down last Christmas!

YouTube video

It was definitely a good wrap up to the year. Now that we are recharged, we are ready to serve you better! In the meantime, do keep a lookout for our Digital Marketing Course runs in 2020.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!