Team Impossible Conquers Bangkok!

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Team Impossible Conquers Bangkok!

Updated on: 20 March 2019

Have you heard? Team Impossible has taken over Bangkok! An overdue and well-deserved break for our Digital Marketing Agency – and what better way than to experience 4 days in the Land of Smiles! (check us out in our full tropical ensemble that definitely earned us tons of eyeballs at the airport.) Here’s exclusive sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes of everything that went down during our mini escapade!

Guess who’s excited for the trip?
The amazing view outside our hotel!

We were lucky to stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel this time around, 50 levels above ground! Fun fact: Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia!

Day 2

Since Bangkok is famed for their animal cafes – we had to make our very first pitstop at The Animal Cafe!

No cause for alarm: dining with felines running amok is completely normal here!
One of the rare animals to be found here – the adorable Fennec Fox!
An exotic cat lives here too – say hi to the African Caracal Cat!
A quick check on Google will tell you that African Caracal Cats can be dangerous – turns out they have a loving side to them too!
Getting all snuggly with a skunk! (In case you are curious, it didn’t smell)
Feeding the precious kitties snacks after having our own bellies filled!
Also calling home to The Animal Cafe are two intriguing owls! (The cafe even provides Harry Potter costumes for those who want to take pictures for the gram!)
Up close and personal with one of Hedwig’s relatives!
A Bangkok trip isn’t complete without popping by the vibrant Chatuchak Market!

As you can probably guess, there aren’t many photos here as everyone was too wrapped up in bagging the best loots!

Day 3

Day 3 was completely free and easy, so most of us were able to explore the nearby streets and indulge in more shopping sprees!

Can you spot our hotel from here?
Mango heaven @ Mango Tango!
Team dinner was at Mangkorn Seafood Restaurant for a delectable BBQ buffet!
We managed to taste-test authentic Thai Grilled Fish, salted to perfection!
It’s always a good time with Team Impossible!
For dessert, 22 scoops of ice cream packed with waffles, sponge cake, strawberries and pocky sticks!

After dinner, the bosses challenged the team to head over to Mo & Moshi at Siam Square to finish a gargantuan bowl of what they call a “Strawberry Supreme”. Talk about happily ever afters!

Spoiler alert: we only managed to shovel our way through three-quarters before food coma kicked in!
Making our last night count at Rod Fai Market – a slightly more hipster market located next to an abandoned railroad track. (Hence the name)
Plenty of hidden finds at every corner!
One more reason to love Rod Fai Market – the cool street murals plastered on the walls. Something you hardly see in Singapore!
At the back of the bazaar are a bunch of vintage shops waiting to be discovered!

Day 4

After two full days of non-stop walking, eating and shopping..

It’s time to head back home!
First company trip done and dusted!

A huge shoutout to the bosses for bringing us on an unforgettable company trip! With grateful hearts and plenty of new memories to look back on – it’s back to the daily grind of busting out awesome digital marketing campaigns!

Till the next adventure!