We are extremely honoured to be selected as a finalist for the MARKies Awards Singapore 2020

Updated on: 24 April 2020

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Impossible Marketing has been managing Giving.sg search campaign gratuitously.

Giving.sg is an online portal to kickstart charity dreams and fundraising projects. On this single website, volunteers and charity organisations can easily come together and connect. To top it off, this platform allows registered users to volunteer with and donate to over 500 charities!

In early 2019, Giving.sg planted targets in hopes of increasing their donation amount versus 2018. Our team had lend some helping hands to achieve the said targets with a $0 marketing budget.

Yes, $0 budget was given to us but we still made it work.
The results reaped at the end of 2019 were pretty amazing too!

With that, our Digital Marketing Agency has been selected as a finalist for MARKies Awards Singapore 2020 for the Most Effective Use – Government Sector / Non-Profit Marketing.

More about our CSR – Project KATE

We set up our CSR back in 2015 with the objective to provide free digital marketing training for the less fortunate.
In 2018, we expanded our CSR services and launched Project KATE.

K – Knowledge: We offer free digital marketing courses for the less fortunate. Our free training also extends to the charity organisation.
A – Awareness: We provide free digital marketing services to the charity organisation to help them better manage their online campaigns.
T – Time: We drive traffic and awareness to Giving.sg to encourage more volunteers to donate their time to charity work.
E – Employment: Our objective is to help the less fortunate to get back to employment.

More information: https://impossiblefoundation.org/

Everyone at Impossible Marketing are keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully, we will be able to secure the Gold, Silver or Bronze award.