6 Must-Ask Questions to Any Digital Marketing Partner

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6 Must-Ask Questions to Any Digital Marketing Partner

You can come up with amazing products and top-notch services, but it all amounts to nothing if your presence is not made known in the market. In order for a company to grow, brand awareness is of absolute necessity.

To find out who is interested in your company’s products and services, marketing strategies should be utilised to attract potential customers to your website. Ultimately, this increases your company’s sales generation, otherwise also known as lead generation.

Without further ado, here are the 6 must-ask questions and answers to look out for when approaching a digital marketing partner in Singapore.

1. What types of digital marketing services can you provide?

These are the available services in the market:

2. How will your SEO services help in growing my business?

Google is easily the best place to attract potential customers with more than 3.5 billion daily Google searches! Research has shown that 84% of internet users only click on the 1st page of Google search results. Hence, it is vital for your company’s website to appear at the top of their search results page.

A competent digital marketing company specialising in SEO can use the best marketing strategies to:

  • Optimise your website
  • Improve your website’s visibility in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Outrank your competitors
  • Have your potential customers view your website first and not your competitors

3. Can your social media marketing services help me gain more customers?

Social media is increasingly used by both the young and old alike, making it a popular advertising medium to reach out to a larger crowd.

A competent digital marketing company can do the following with their Social Media Marketing services:

  • Determine detailed demographic data of your potential customers
  • Create relevant and persuasive social media ad designs and content
  • Let your company appear on the news feed of targeted customers across all devices

4. Are their SEM strategies effective in attracting targeted customers?

How SEM works is that your advertisement will appear on relevant content websites and target customers who search for keywords related to your business. Also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), you only have to pay when customers give a click to your advertisement. Even if they do not click on it, you’ll still receive free exposure at no cost.

A competent digital marketing company can do the following with their SEM strategies:

  • Target customers who are already searching for your products/services
  • Place your website above competitors
  • Rank above Google SEO organic search results

5. Aside from their service offerings, how else can you value-add into our company?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn it from the experts themselves when it comes to digital marketing strategies? Some companies are already providing digital marketing courses, you just have to know where to find them!

Examples of digital marketing courses a digital marketing partner can supply you with:

  • SEO courses teach you practical SEO strategies that you can apply instantly to your website at the end of the course, covering the basics of effective and lasting SEO results.
  • Facebook Marketing courses share with you practical Facebook marketing strategies to be applied to your business such as Ads creation, audience targeting and campaign management.
  • Google Ads (Pay Per Click) courses will let you in on practical PPC strategies to apply to your Google Ads campaign, such as how to create a campaign from scratch. 

6. What are your proudest traits as a digital marketing partner?

A good SEO expert would say that they:

  • Are aware of what needs to be changed to fit Google’s basic requirements
  • Know how to fully optimise both On-Page and Off-Page SEO elements
  • Can apply legitimate SEO techniques (white-hat SEO) as Google penalizes black-hat SEO techniques
  • Have their own website ranked high on Google for SEO related keywords
  • Can use the right keywords to further grow your business

A good SEO consultant would say that they:

  • Have clear and open communication skills to understand your company’s needs fully
  • Use the right keywords to best target your SEO campaign
  • Have their website ranked high on Google search results
  • Are knowledgeable on local SEO pertaining to your geographical location
  • Have developed a strong reputation among past clients to show reliability in his work performance

If you hope to outrank your competitors and boost user engagement, start by adopting effective digital marketing strategies that can provide your website with a higher reach! You can either do so from attending courses to gain insights on how to effectively adopt digital market strategies or directly engage with a digital marketing company to help you in this area. The latter has to be of course, knowledgeable and experienced to enable you to grow your customer base far and wide!