4 new Facebook features marketers should know In 2018

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4 new Facebook features marketers should know In 2018

Facebook  is one of the most influential Social Media platforms with over 1.7 billion followers. One of the most outstanding things about Facebook is its marketing strategies that help brands reach their targeted audience with higher specificity. To succeed in Social Media Marketing, brands must capitalise on the platform’s updates to target the right audience, build communities around their products, and drive conversions.

Recently, Facebook has introduced many updates to help advertisers further achieve their Digital Marketing objectives. If you have not started using these new features, it is time to check on these updates and exploit them because your competitors could already be using them and may edge you out.

Use the Facebook Audience Network

The thought that you can only market a brand or product on a single Social Media platform is no longer valid since the introduction of the Facebook Audience Network. Although the number of Facebook users reached the billion mark a couple of years ago, the number of people viewing the Audience Network was a little sluggish. However, this figure has since hit the billion mark too and marketers who have been using it report an over 12% increase in conversion. The secret of the Facebook Audience Network is that it allows advertisers to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.

Try the Facebook Dynamic Ad

To succeed in driving conversions, one of the most coveted strategies is Retargeting. This is a strategy that involves advertising products and services to those people who are already aware of the brand. Think of those people who followed your online campaign and even picked the items, but abandoned the shopping cart before converting. The Facebook Dynamic Ad helps brands to design retargeting campaigns and take a new persuasive message to convince prospective customers to convert. You can design the Remarketing model depending on your brand and marketing objectives. For example, you might consider giving a new offer to the clients.

Exploit the Facebook Live Audio

The modern digital consumer is different from the traditional one. He wants to identify with the brand and feel valued before converting. Some want to be associated with products and contribute to its design. One way of achieving these is through podcasts. Because the brand manager talks to the target audience, it is easier for the consumer to connect and relate to the product under consideration. Facebook exploited this marketing phenomenon and designed the Live Audio feature that allows users to use audio as part of their content marketing. On your Facebook profile, simply hit the Audio icon to start recording. Once you are done, a post is created on the page. It will automatically be added into news feeds so that followers can click on the post and listen.

Advertise on Instagram Stories through Facebook

Instagram Stories is a unique feature on Instagram that allows users to place their ads on the Video Stories section for 24 hours. While Instagram has a smaller number of followers as compared to Facebook, it will be significant lead generation platform as it provides a very enthralling way of presenting video content to interact with the brand’s target audience. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can enjoy the same benefits of Facebook Ad targeting like location, audience, and objective based settings. As of November 2017, Instagram Stories has topped 300 million daily users and continues to rise in popularity today.