4 Remarketing campaigns for the 3rd quarter of 2018

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4 Remarketing campaigns for the 3rd quarter of 2018

How is your Digital Marketing campaign fairing? Are the objectives you set at the beginning of the year being achieved? This is a great moment to carry out a comprehensive review and focus on Remarketing. This post outlines 4 Remarketing strategies you should use in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Use dynamic product ads on social media

If you run a business with several services or products, you should consider Remarketing with dynamic product ads. The dynamic product ads show and remind users in the social media about the products they have seen on your site. Besides, the ads also show your products to other social media users who might be interested.

Focus on audience creation by depth

One mistake that those launching Remarketing campaigns often make is grouping the entire target audience in the same category. The usual Remarketing method is to target those who have visited the site and direct new ads to them. However, this is likely to yield suboptimal results. To get better results in the 3rd quarter of 2018, you should break the target audience into 2 or 3 groups.

  • First, you should target those who went all the way to pick items and place them on the cart. This means that these people failed to convert perhaps because of a technical issue. If the person failed to convert because of a technical issue, sending a Remarketing ad can easily make him complete the purchase.
  • Focus on those who have visited your page and checked the price. This means that these are highly potential clients and can convert with some incentive. Consider providing some special discounts to this group.
  • Other groups that you can focus on include those who have visited the products’ page and checked on related products from the competitors.

Use sequential Remarketing

As you work on the target audiences, it is important also to factor when they visited your pages. Did the target audience visit a day, week, or months ago? After establishing when a potential client visited, craft creative and compelling messages. As opposed to showing the same messages to the audience all the time, ensure to craft more incentivising messages that will drive them to convert.

Look beyond your website to drive more sales

While the main target of any Remarketing effort is to reach those people who have interacted with your site or related content, it is advisable to look further. Do not rule out extensive Remarketing approach even to clients of related products in the market. But some opponents of this approach might ask why?

  • Your competitors’ audience might have read about the products in unrelated product reviews.
  • The competitors might have mentioned your brand or product to their audience and aroused interest.
  • The audience might be looking for a better product than what they already have.

To reach the competitor’s audience, you need to carry out a comprehensive competitor analysis. This will reveal more important details such as what to focus on, the nature of their products, and what their clients want. When you craft and finally push Remarketing ads to the competitor’s audience, the chances are that the conversion rate will be very high.

Do not wait until the year closes to start reviewing the success of the marketing campaigns. This is the right time to check what is working well and push Remarketing ads for better results. Should you need a professional’s help, you can always hire a Digital Marketing Agency to carry out your Remarketing campaigns.