5 unique ways to drive conversions from your landing page

Updated on: 19 August 2017

Every online marketing campaign should have a well-designed landing page to help with conversion. Whether you want to create a mailing list or direct sales, the landing page is the final step to convince visitors to convert. Notably, the landing page can also be a repelling factor if it is not carefully constructed and tested.

This post outlines 5 unique ways you can use to drive more conversions from a landing page.

Use Pre-filled forms

Though this can be spooky, it makes the work of filling the form easier. The form captures data of a lead and uses it to fill some fields of the landing page. For example, the forms can fill fields such as email address or even the first name so that the visitor will only need to hit the Click To Action (CTA) button to convert. To set the forms to capture and prefill the details of a visitor, you must select the landing page creator carefully.

Use Auto-select form fields

This is like getting into your house, and lights go on automatically. This is a very convenient way of notifying the client and encouraging them to take the next step. Just like the lights turning on, the visitor will want to look further and complete the forms. The forms allow the visitor to start typing immediately and finally hit the conversion button. You can increase conversion rate with about 60% using auto select forms. To choose this option, many landing page builders require you to check Auto-Focus on the field forms.

Utilize videos in the landing page

Unlike in the past, many buyers want to be persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt to buy an item from a store or a website. By including a well-done video about the product of choice, visitors will not only convert but also develop a stronger attachment to the brand. The video will summarize what the visitor might have missed and even add more so that they can make the right decisions.

Consider using popups as opposed to forms

The debate about what works better between popups and forms has ranged on over time. Tests have demonstrated that on page-forms make some visitors see like forms are engaging them to unforeseen commitment. However, buttons are a single hit, and many visitors will click right away. Remember that you are showing the same information that could have been displayed in a form.

Active text replacement

In marketing, you must make every page lively. Though dynamically replacing text can be a little frightening, it works well when it comes to driving conversions in a landing page. The active text replacements work well when they are carefully researched to reflect more customization. In particular, the texts that can actively change include name, location, and interests.

Your landing page is the ultimate step in the conversion process. Accordingly, it must be carefully done, and all efforts focused on perfecting it to guarantee better results. Remember to also test the landing pages to get what visitors prefer for guaranteed conversion.