How to get expired domains for link building and free traffic?

Updated on: 28 August 2017

Benefits of using expired domains

  • They make it easy to drive a lot of traffic via sub niches and grow your business faster.
  • You can cut workload with a large margin using established links.
  • All the domains you buy come with their ranking so that your page can build authority traffic.

The following are top 4 methods of finding expired domains.

Use Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth was initially established to help identify broken links by website developers. Visit Xenu’s Link Sleuth site to install their program and then run searches in your niche of interest to access their large storehouse of expired domains. On the Xenu options, make sure to set a depth of 1 so that you only see links and not the entire website. Check the status of long lists of links and harvest all that present you with the biggest potential.

Utilize uses a simpler and relatively direct marketing approach compared to Xenu. progressively searches for broken links and allows followers to identify and buy immediately. To buy the links, visit their page to create a free account and then log on to identify the expired domains of choice. Though the most valuable domains are .com, you can also get millions of expired domains such as .net, .be, and .tv among others. Filter them to identify and harvest the ideal ones for raising your website traffic.

Using DomCOP

Unlike the other two, DomCop has an entirely different method of gathering domains and allowing you to harvest them. To collect the domains, visit their website to create a free account and activate filters to hide what you do not want. For example, you might not need domains that are older than 1 year or specific ones such as .tv. Unlike other methods of getting expired domains, DomCop comes with a 7 days trial. However, this works to the advantage of many marketers because they will have gathered enough domains by the close of the 7 days trial period.

Register Compass

This website presents users with about 3 million expired domains, 500,000 that are about to expire and 2.5 million in auction catalogs. To get access to all the domains, visit their website and sign up for a free account. You will also be charged a monthly fee of $37 which is an ideal figure especially for those interested in long-term strategies. In addition to this, the website refunds all the monthly payment to all the people who make fewer than 25 searches.

With the above-stated methods, you can easily get expired domains and start having quality links and traffic to your website. This is a very popular method to get better SEO ranking.