3 tips to track your campaign conversions

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3 tips to track your campaign conversions

You might be driving traffic to your website but how do you tell it is quality? Are the visitors taking the action you want? Your main focus should not be simply driving traffic, but getting the highest possible conversion. Tracking conversions help marketers to understand site’s traffic. In fact, there is no need for special software because you can now utilize the Google Analytics “Goals” function.

Here are 3 tips to track your campaign conversion:

Check the URL destination

When you track this conversion, it means you are following users who land on specific pages. The conversion tracker helps people to understand whether users completed submitting forms. On the Google Analytics admin section, navigate to Goals on the View section and set a new goal. Note that there is no need to include the entire URL, simply add what follows the domain. Besides, you can also specify how strict you want the Google Analytics to follow visitors. The goal you set in this situation will let you understand whether the campaigns are driving the right types of users.

Duration on website

How long do your clients stay on your website? Is that time related to the visitors becoming your raving business customers? Instead of worrying about these two pertinent questions, you can set the duration target/goal in Google Analytics. Note that while the previous conversion goal focused on following the destination, this goal is aimed at user’s behavior.

To set this goal, you will need to navigate to the Google Analytics admin area and visit the Goal section. Then, hit the duration parameter instead of destination as was the previous case. In this case, you will be tracking the time that a user takes Son the website.

It is important to give this goal a name in order to follow the conversions easily. Besides, it is also crucial to decide how the tracking should be accomplished. For example, if you are interested in customer engagement, it is important to select Greater Than and then specify the time frame. Here, you can get as specific as you anticipate. This is very helpful to know whether visitors are getting more engaged. If they are leaving very fast, the chances are that the wrong traffic is finding its way to the site.

Track the pages your clients open per visit

This conversion is also about user engagement. If the right traffic is getting to your site, the engagement rate will be higher. To set this, you need to head back to the admin section of the Google Analytics to set a custom goal. Unlike in the previous cases, the goal, in this case, should be Page per Session. To be more specific you can set the condition to Less than, Equal to, or Greater than. Then, include a number that you want to see triggering conversion on your site.


When you understand the target’s user engagement, it becomes easier to qualify the marketing campaigns and all SEO efforts. Because reporting is becoming even harder because of so much data, do not lose track on anything that can help you understand clients to help drive more conversions.