5 crucial secrets of making a successful marketing video

Updated on: 10 October 2016


Video Marketing is one of the most effective methods of attracting and winning clients’ confidence, driving traffic, and conversions. For marketers, incorporating videos in their online marketing strategies is no longer optional. Unlike other types of content that look static, videos are engaging and easily convince users to buy an item. As an emerging method of marketing, some marketers keep asking about the right strategies to make the best marketing videos. The following five tips will help you to make a top notch video to win more clients, enjoy higher sales, and profits.

Demonstrate your personality

Just like you have decided to use videos for marketing, the chances are that several competitors are also using the same strategy. To outdo them, it is important to be honest and talk to the audience as opposed to a microphone. Ensure to practice with timing and select the most useful, digestible, and valuable content. Because many people want to associate with the character behind a brand, you can reveal what is happening behind the curtain or demonstrate the manufacturing process if dealing with a physical product.

Ensure to vividly demonstrate fine details about your product

While there is no doubt that you understand the products on sale very well, the target audience does not have the same information. Look at the product as if you do not know anything about it. Then, demonstrate the product’s use to drive better engagement with the client. You can do this by narrating slowly and through repetition. For example, if you are selling a mobile phone, demonstrate the battery life, camera strength, and processor speed as well as their significance.

Include some value in the video

Because there are other very many videos on similar products, you need to demonstrate why the visitor should continue watching. Ask yourself whether there is a great narrative or it helps in solving a problem? A good way of adding value is attaching it to some benefits such as problem a solution, discount, or a freebie. Remember to make it easy to get the free trial or discount you promise to clients in the video.

Optimize the video for mobile viewing

Just like other marketing campaigns, it is important to ensure that the videos are visible in all gadgets. Because more people prefer to search, review, and shop from their mobile phones, it is important to ensure that the videos are easily accessible in all gadgets. Make sure that the video is lighter and can play in your app as well as other players.

Connect every video to a measurable component

In every marketing strategy, a brand owner wants results such as driving traffic, building an email marketing list, generating remarketing lists, and conversions. Link the video to your Google Analytics or other evaluation apps to get real-time statistics about its effectiveness in delivering results. A progressive review will help you understand customer behaviour, get clients’ feedbacks, and sample useful insights on improvements.

When video marketing is prepared and applied appropriately, it has a lot of potentials to drive traffic and conversions. In every step, make sure to focus on attracting a bigger audience, retaining them, and monetizing their visit.