Digital Marketing tips for Jewellery Shops in Singapore

Updated on: 19 July 2018

Due to the proliferation of jewellery shop in Singapore, business owners in the industry will have to implement marketing strategies that can help them stand out from the competition. Lead Generation can help you increase sales. Strategies can range from focusing on brand positioning through social media platforms and using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services like Pay Per click (PPC). Below are some marketing tips that jewellery shops in Singapore can consider implementing.

Establish your target audience

For your marketing strategy to be successful, you should first establish your target audience. By having a specific target group in mind, you can craft marketing strategies that you know will attract them. High-end jewellery shops that sell luxurious items like diamond rings will likely target a different audience as compared to a jewellery shop selling handcrafted goods. Shops can also benefit from establishing their target audience, as they will have a better idea of their consumers want when they have to order new jewellery pieces. Instead of using a general marketing strategy, you should consider implementing a more detailed plan that considers your target group from the beginning.

Optimize your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process whereby your website and social media platforms are optimized, allowing your shop to rank on the results page for search engines like Google. The organic ranking will enable your website to maintain its position on the results page, without you having to pay for it constantly. Potential customers that are searching for keywords related to your business will come across your website on the results page, increasing your conversions and sales.

For example, a jewellery shop in Singapore may target keywords such as wedding rings or diamond rings. A Digital Marketing Agency can then craft out a marketing strategy based on the selected keywords, and implement it once you have approved it.

Implement strategic advertising campaigns

Another type of marketing strategy you can implement is paid advertising, where your advertisements will appear on search engines if people search for your targeted keywords. Unlike Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising can garner faster results due to its position at the top of the results page. However, you will have to pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The amount is determined by the amount of competition you have for the chosen keywords and is often known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Thus, jewellery shops in Singapore that wish to advertise their products on occasions like Mother’s Day can expect greater competition for related keywords during the days leading up to the celebration.

Apart from advertising on Google, you can also consider starting an advertising campaign on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. When commencing a strategic advertising plan, you will also have to know your target audience and the keywords you should include.

Promote your products through influencers

While Influencer Marketing may still be a relatively new form of marketing, it can help a business gain brand awareness and potentially increase sales. A jewellery shop can sponsor a few pieces of jewellery in exchange for an endorsement from the influencer on their social media platforms. As the influencer may have a large number of followers on their account, an endorsement can help promote your products to many people. However, shops selling high-end jewellery like diamond rings might want to consider other marketing strategies due to the high value of their products.

Build your social media accounts

By establishing their brand on social media platforms, jewellery shops can connect directly to their potential customers and offer updates regarding the business. You can post behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of a photo shoot, a close-up of a jewellery piece or even some pictures of pieces from your latest collection. With constant engagement, you can create a stronger connection with your audience and build brand loyalty, which can help increase your sales.

If you wish to implement multiple marketing strategies but lack experience, you can contact a Digital Marketing company in Singapore for assistance. We can help you create strategic marketing plans that will help you achieve your business goals.