Tips for integrating social media to your company’s marketing strategy

Updated on: 26 December 2017

Social media is one of the most important online marketing platforms for many brands today. Your fans, customers, and potential clients are all on social media. The following are the most effective tips for integrating social media into your site.

Picking the right strategy as opposed to tools

Unlike other strategies, social media is still growing and constantly getting updated with new tools. Now, using the latest technologies can help your enterprise especially when targeting a group that takes more time on social media such as the younger generation. However, it is more crucial to focus on the value that a specific tool is delivering to the marketing strategy as opposed to the tool’s innovativeness. This will guarantee you of better engagement and conversion.

Include social media experts on the brand marketing teams

If your brand social media runs from a different unit, the level of integration will be poor. This is what happens in brands that do not consider social media to hold a lot of weight in marketing. However, when your social media experts and marketing teams are put together, they can craft common strategies and share resources for greater efficiency. Because social media involves taking more time with fans, clients, and potential customers, the experts can guide efforts for optimizing traffic and strengthening a brand.

Align the selected social media channels with the enterprise marketing strategy

Though most brands are already on big social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there are other platforms that have equally huge potential such as Google+ and Instagram. The focus is ensuring that you pick the social media platform with the targeted audience for better brand positioning. The marketer should also look at the marketing messages and content with an objective of crafting similar versions for the social media. This helps to make the marketing effort consistent and more effective.

Draw social media actions based on marketing goals

If a company commences social media marketing without a clear objective, there is a risk of poor performance. Before commencing on any effort to use strategies such as Memes, Contests, and content generation among others, it is prudent to develop a clear objective. These objectives will help the marketer to determine benchmarks for assessment over time. For example, are you targeting to drive traffic, building a remarketing list, or conversion?

Make analytics part of the main objective

Like other marketing campaigns, a marketer can only be sure of getting results if he can gauge progress over time. In many instances, social media is used for driving brand and product awareness. Therefore, the marketer must be cognizant of what the company wants after reaching the target clients. To achieve the expected results, you should pick the right tools for progressive monitoring and analytics. These will tell you how the brand is performing and point at areas that require changes.