5 features you must include in an e-commerce mobile app

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5 features you must include in an e-commerce mobile app

Do you have an e-commerce store for your company? It is the ultimate way to drive more sales and edge closer to the levels of other top giants such as Amazon and eBay. To drive even more sales, you need an appropriate mobile app. According to Google, over 50% of mobile searches are made from mobile phones. To push sales via your e-commerce line, you need a carefully designed mobile app. Studies done in 2016 found that about 85% of shoppers prefer using mobile apps than mobile sites.

In this post, we share with you the main features that should be included in an e-commerce mobile app.

Promoting customization

For most e-commerce businesses, a key challenge is how to provide a great user experience in the mobile app. Once a user downloads a shopping app, he/she is interested in seamless navigation, unique personalization, and a great experience. Therefore, it is very important to make the app more engaging and highly interactive. The app should have customizable features that easily align with user preferences to help in building a stronger relationship.

Simplify onboarding processes

E-commerce app designers’ are focused on getting users onboard. This is achieved through an intuitive and minimalistic design. The app should be carefully engineered to welcome users with the brand philosophy. Then, it should open a wide range of features that allow users to interact with the store. It is advisable to ensure that the app is neat, simple, and free of clutter. The entire process from registration to ordering should be streamed and very easy to use.

Simple registration and easy to access brand info

Many customers do not like filling out lengthy registration forms or forced sign-ups. If you demand a lot of info, the chances are that many users will walk away and seek the product from a competitor. Top e-commerce stores such as Amazon keep the registration info very minimal. A good mobile app should take a potential client right to the main page and only ask for personal details when checking out. You should also ask users to register with only a few details such as email or mobile number.

Analytics features

In addition to delivering great UX, mobile apps are aimed at raising a store’s revenue. Therefore, the app should have appropriate analytics feature to help owners understand performance over time. The analytics should help you to capture user buying patterns and other behaviours so that the online marketing campaigns can be adjusted for higher click-through-rates and conversions.

Push notifications

If you want the e-commerce app to be successful, one very important feature is the push notification. The notifications can at times be even more effective compared to common ads. They easily inspire immediate actions when the messages are done carefully. Many stores use the push notifications to deliver time-sensitive content such as special offers, exclusive promotions, and product launches. This feature can be paired with analytics.

Your e-commerce mobile app should target providing an immersive experience that makes shopping easy and enthralling. Note that the app should also have features that help to drive sales and boost revenue.